Revenue Commissioner Hoffbeck, a key architect of Walker’s fiscal plan, announces resignation

Randy Hoffbeck shakes hands with Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov Byron Mallott moments after being sworn in as the commissioner of the Department of Revenue in January 2015.

Alaska Department of Revenue Commissioner Randy Hoffbeck will resign later this month, Gov. Bill Walker announced today.

Hoffbeck has been one of the key figures in the administration’s push to adopt a fiscal plan to address the state’s multibillion-dollar budget deficit, which includes a restructure of the permanent fund, a broad-based tax and other targeted revenues.

The plan still remains elusive as the Legislature remains divided on Walker’s plan and unable to come up with its own.

“My only regret is that I was unable to deliver a completed fiscal plan for the State of Alaska during my tenure,” Hoffbeck said in a July 31 letter to Walker.

Hoffbeck had a long career in government as state oil and gas property assessor. He also worked in top positions at the North Slope Borough. He left government in 2012 and earned his master in divinity degree from Liberty Theological Seminary in October 2014.

Walker asked Hoffbeck, who was on a medical mission in Kenya, to return to government to serve as the Commissioner of the Depratment of Revenue.

Hoffbeck said it’s been an “honor” to serve the governor, but “it is time for me to complete the call to ministry God has placed on my heart.”

“As time goes on, I realize I need to refocus my life on the
call God has put on my heart; that I can no longer tell God, ‘Just a minute. I am almost done here,’” Hoffbeck said in the announcement.

Hoffbeck is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

For his part, it’s clearly a blow to Walker. The news release from the administration even goes so far to say the governor “reluctantly” accepted Hoffbeck’s resignation.

Alaska’s Department of Revenue Commissioner Randy Hoffbeck will be resigning from the position effective Aug. 17. Deputy Commissioner Jerry Burnett will serve as acting commissioner until a replacement is found.

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