Democratic U.S. House candidate Shein calls for universal health care in first ad for 2018 

Democratic candidate for U.S. House Dimitri Shein, a political newcomer, launched his first campaign ad this week, calling for the creation of universal health care in Alaska. The snazzily produced serves an introduction to Shein, featuring his family camping and a voice over about his business.

“Starting a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication,” he said in the video. “What really helped me was no-cost health care provided to my family by the Alaska Native Medical Center. Health insurance is a tax on working families and small businesses in Alaska. We need to remove this burden and replace it with no-cost universal health care for all Alaskans.”

Shein is not the only entrant so far into the race against Rep. Don Young. The Division of Elections also lists Juneau Democrat Gregory Fitch as having filed for the seat.

According to most recent campaign information filed with the Federal Election Commission, Shein had raised $21,515. Young brought in $149,820 during the same period, and reports suggest that he’s just getting started.

Shein is registered for the Democratic primary. His website says he immigrated from Russia as a child and grew up in Anchorage, where he now resides with his wife and six children. Shein lists his profession as an inventor and e-commerce seller. A search of Google Patents shows Shein holds patents for a sheet metal storage box and a modular planter box.

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