Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes to visit Alaska this week

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. (Courtesy photo)

It’s not likely to be as high-profile a trip as the other Facebook co-founder’s visit to Alaska, but Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is set to arrive in Alaska this Thursday with a trip focused on learning about the permanent fund dividend as part of his interest in universal basic income.

His schedule is being coordinated by Midnight Sun owner Jim Lottsfeldt, who said he hopes to introduce the billionaire to rising young leaders in Alaska during the trip.

Hughes’ two main public appearances during the visit is a reception with the young, emerging leaders on Thursday. He’s also set to give a talk at the University of Alaska Anchorage on Friday morning. The talk is hosted by Professor Forrest Nabors and is scheduled for 9:30 to 11 a.m. at Rasmuson Hall, Room 101.

Hughes is a key member of the Economic Security Project, a group of business leaders who’re pushing for guaranteed universal basic income as part of a response to automation and globalization. The group has raised some $10 million to explore and experiment with basic income.

Though the permanent fund dividend falls short of many estimates for basic income, it’s become an focal point for those interested in the movement because it’s one of the only examples of guaranteed annual payments regardless of income and other factors in the United States. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg talked about the dividend in a social media post after visiting Alaska earlier this year.

It might not be former ADN owner Alice Rogoff’s dinner with President Barack Obama, but Lottsfeldt will also be hosting a private dinner with Hughes during the visit with some heavy hitters (though Lottsfeldt is keeping mum on just who’ll be there).

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