Rep. Talerico charged with hunting violation

Rep. Dave Talerico, R-Healy (Photo by House Republicans).

Healy Republican Rep. Dave Talerico has been charged with a violation for allegedly using an ATV in an area that’s closed to motorized vehicles.

Talerico’s violation appeared in the Sunday dispatch published by the Alaska State Troopers. The incident occurred on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017. It alleges that Talerico and his son David Talerico, 38, used ATVs to transport hunters, themselves and hunting gear through the Wood River Controlled Use Aare where such use of ATVs is banned during hunting season.

The violation amounts to a Class A misdemeanor and Talerico is due in Nenana District Court on Sept. 25.

The News-Miner reports the incident occurred right on the border of the area. Talerico told the paper he was aware of the rules, and thought he was riding outside the boundary as judged by the high water mark on the eastern bank of Dexter Creek. The wildlife troopers disagreed.

“I always use whatever is the high water mark as the boundary,” he told the paper. “The wildlife troopers were up there and they disagreed with me on that actual boundary and said they had to cite me for driving in there.”

Talerico’s an avid hunter who’s authored legislation that increased hunting and fishing license and tag fees (it’d raise a little more than $9 million in additional revenue each year, making it one of the only—if not THE only—revenue measure to pass the Legislature in the last two sessions).

Talerico’s also been pretty open about his poor luck hunting, and the weekend trip was no different. He told the News-Miner he didn’t get a moose.

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