Report: Alaska Rep. Don Young once held knife to former Speaker Boehner’s throat

Rep. Don Young’s behavior has made the news twice this week, first for appearing in an innuendo-filled ad about ATVs and elderly male sexual performance that’s since disappeared from the Internet and now for holding a knife to the throat of former House Speaker John Boehner.

The detail was included in a new profile of the former speaker published by Politico today, in which he also called retired Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan “assholes.” Young reportedly pushed Boehner up against a wall and threatened him with a knife after one too many “Bridge to Nowhere” jokes.

According to the story, Boehner’s long-running fight against earmarks often relied on using the 2005 appropriation for “The Bridge to Nowhere”—the proposed bridge to connect Ketchikan and Gravina Island (home to Ketchikan’s airport)—as an example.

It apparently was all too much for Young.

According to the story:

“His heckling once provoked Don Young, an Alaskan himself, to pin Boehner against a wall inside the House chamber and hold a 10-inch knife to his throat.”

Boehner was apparently cool as ice in the situation because he reportedly “stared Young in the eyes and said, ‘Fuck you.'”

Politico asked Young about the story, noting “Young says this account is ‘mostly true,’ but notes that the two became good friends, with Boehner later serving as his best man.”

Many Alaskans get fed up with Outsiders making fun of our state, but most don’t need to take it that far.

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