Sullivan and Murkowski oppose Roy Moore as Alabama voters head to the polls

Alaska’s Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan both oppose the election of Roy Moore, a Republican who’s facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct with underage girls, for Alabama Senate, according to interviews with the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner that were published late Monday night.

Both senators expressed concern when the accusations were first raised against Moore in a bombshell report by The Washington Post, but both couched their calls for him to withdraw or step aside from the race if the accusations were true. Murkowski later suggested that Luther Strange, the Republican who’s been holding the Senate seat until the special election but lost in the primary to Moore, run a write-in campaign like she did in 2010.

Since the initial claims both senators have been mostly quiet as the Moore controversy has continued to unfold, but they staked out firm opposition to Moore in statements Monday.

“My hope is that the voters of Alabama will do the right thing and not send him to the Senate,” Murkowski told the News-Miner.

Sullivan has said an ethics investigation will be warranted if Moore wins, and said he wouldn’t cast a vote for Moore.

“The election of Roy Moore will ultimately be decided by the voters of Alabama,” Sullivan said in a statement. “But if I were a resident of Alabama, I wouldn’t vote for him.”

Polling is all over the place for the Alabama special election, but it could be the state’s first opportunity to elect a Democratic senator in two decades if voters choose Doug Jones over Moore.

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