Young votes for GOP tax bill: ‘If we’re wrong, you ought to be happier than the devil’

Rep. Don Young talks at the conference committee meeting on the tax bill. (Congress)

Alaska Rep. Don Young joined 226 of his fellow Republicans to vote in favor of the final version of the Republican bill to overhaul the U.S. tax code, giving the wealthy and big corporations massive tax breaks while also taking a step forward to opening part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development.

The bill passed the House on 227-203 vote. Not a single Democrat supported the bill, and 12 Republicans voted against the bill. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill tonight (with the support of Alaska Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan), and President Donald Trump is expected to sign the legislation into law by Christmas.

Alaska’s congressional delegation has been almost singularly focused on the prospect of opening the 1002-area of ANWR throughout the tax bill fight. It’s a long-sought-after accomplishment for Alaska’s congressional delegation that’s spanned decades, and other representatives were spotted giving Young a fist bumps after the vote.

The passage of the tax plan will be heralded as a big “win” for Trump and congressional Republicans, who’ve fallen short on other big legislative promises. They’ve promised, without a lot of evidence, that the bill will spur a massive boom in the economy that will result in more, better-paying jobs.

Hover, it could come to bite Republicans in 2018 because the bill, which heavily favors big corporations and the rich, stands to be a centerpiece of 2018 campaigns against Republican legislators. Any shortcomings from the legislation will provide opponents with even more ammunition. Young even said as much during the only conference committee hearing Congress held on the bill.

“If we’re wrong, you ought to be happier than the devil. You ought to be real happy, you can say, ‘Look what the Republicans did. Look what they did. They hurt you. They hurt your economy,'” he said. “If you’re right, then you can brag about it.”

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4 Comments on "Young votes for GOP tax bill: ‘If we’re wrong, you ought to be happier than the devil’"

  1. He has helped to pass legislation that harms the least among us believing the left would celebrate being right rather than being profoundly saddened by the harm created by this legislation. This passes for emotional intelligence in the GOP.

  2. Much of the pain to average Alaskans in the GOP tax bill will be phased in over the next ten years, and perhaps not be readily apparent through the rhetoric of corrupt politicians. However, the impacts of rising healthcare costs will be felt immediately. And truly, Alaskans by now must be starting to see that drilling ANWR is a net loss for the state, not a net gain. Alaska will see little if any revenue. A pristine, irreplaceable Arctic Coastal Plain, home to a diversity of plants, birds, and mammals will be destroyed. The melting of the permafrost will be accelerated. North Slope existing and any new infrastructure will crumble more rapidly than it already is, fail and cost hundreds of millions, as it has already. Coastal communities will continue to bear the impacts of climate change. Subsidies to oil industry will delay necessary investments in green energy..of which Alaska has plenty. Alaska is lacking in leadership and strong voices for better choices. Don Young has majorly failed Alaskans. It’s time for a change.

  3. mike from iowa | December 24, 2017 at 6:12 am | Reply

    Out of long distance curiosity, how much oil in ANWR will the state pay the big guys to take with the present oil revenue giveaway in place?

    Whatever happened to your constitution saying all resources belong to the people and should be harvested with sustainability for future generations? (paraphrased)


    Looks like the guy claiming to be potus spilled the beans to his wealthy friends in Florida. Yup, they all got a lot richer thanks to people who voted for this knowing it was not geared towards the middle class.

    I don’t feel like celebrating. The damage has been done and who knows if it will ever be undone.

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