GOP Rep. Eastman intros resolution calling pornography a public health crisis

Rep. David Eastman, R-Wasilla. (Photo by Alaska House Republicans)

Wasilla Republican Rep. David Eastman today introduced House Concurrent Resolution 20 “recognizing the public health crisis created by the accessibility and pervasiveness of pornography.”

The two-page resolution lays out the legislator’s concerns with the “alarming rate” at which young people can access pornography, including “what was formerly referred to as hard core pornography but is now considered mainstream pornography,” and its contribution to “the hyper-sexualization of teens and prepubescent children in communities in the state.”

The resolution says pornography “is leading to low self-esteem, eating disorders, an increase in problematic sexual activity at younger ages, and an increased desire in young adolescents to engage in risky sexual behaviors.” It also argues that pornography “distorts sexual templates and undermines sexual education efforts” and that it “objectivizes its subjects, reducing individuals to commodities for the viewer’s use.”

“The detrimental effects of pornography include emotional, mental, and medical illnesses, difficulty forming and maintaining intimate relationships, alterations to brain structure and function, and problematic or harmful sexual behaviors and addiction,” explains Eastman’s resolution.

The resolution then calls for the state to recognize the need for “education, prevention, research, and changes in public policy to address the harms caused by the accessibility and pervasiveness of pornography in communities in the state.”

Here’s the full resolution for your reading pleasure:

Eastman didn’t talk about the resolution during a special order on the topic of “protecting children” during today’s House floor session, which was ultimately about the need to allow teachers, principals and retired veterans to carry guns at schools in order to prevent mass shootings.

The resolution was referred to the Education, Health and Social Services, and Judiciary committees.

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2 Comments on "GOP Rep. Eastman intros resolution calling pornography a public health crisis"

  1. I am surprised he didn’t introduce legislation calling for a study to see if masterbation really did cause hair to grow on the palms of men.

  2. I would actually say he raises legitimate concerns, except for calling it a crisis.
    What is amazing is the concern about the impact on “young people” (whatever that includes) while looking right past the very high levels of physical and sexual abuse of children across our state (adults too, but I guess that’s a crisis for another day).
    Yes, children can be sexulized by exposure to pornography. I would argue they get sexulized faster when an older man molests them. It’s also already an actual crime, so rather than just sending hopes and prayers, some actual enforcement (meaning, you need more resources) could take action right away and alleviate an existing crisis.
    But I don’t hear any suggestion from the good Representative about that.

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