The judge who approved no-jail deal in shocking assault will be on this year’s ballot

Superior Court Judge Michael Corey and Justin Schneider. (Screenshot: KTVA)

Southcentral Alaska voters will get to decide whether the judge who approved a no-jail plea deal for a man guilty of kidnapping a woman, strangling her into unconsciousness and masturbating on her should stay on the job.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Corey is one of 15 judges who will appear on the oft-overlooked judicial election section of this year’s general election ballot for voters. He’ll appear on the ballot in the 28 House districts within the third judicial district (you can find a full list through the Division of Election’s sample ballots).

The story has circulated nationally, and there’s already a group organizing to defeat Judge Corey’s retention.

The Alaska Constitution requires judges be put before voters regularly. Corey has served on the Anchorage Superior Court since 2014 and was recommended for retention by the nonpartisan Alaska Judicial Council this year. If voters reject his retention, he would be removed from the bench 90 days after the election.

Corey was the judge who approved a plea deal for Justin Schneider, who had been facing four felony charges, including kidnapping and assault as well as a misdemeanor charge of harassment for “offensive contact with fluids,” for the August 2017 assault.

In a deal between him and the state, Schneider pleaded guilty to a single felony assault charge for a sentence of two years with one suspended. The victim, who the state attorney said they were unable to contact via phone, was not present at the hearing.

Even though his sentence includes prison time, he won’t serve any time in prison for the active term because Judge Corey approved credit for time served on electronic monitoring in the year since the assault. Judges are allowed–but not required–to grant credit for time served on electronic monitoring allowed under state law (the amount of credit that offenders can apply to a sentence was capped to a year under Senate Bill 91 for the most serious crimes).

During the hearing, which was reported on by KTVA, Corey said he approved the case based on Schneider’s prospect of rehabilitation.

“Mr. Schneider is going to be a member of our community, and he would not be in jail for the rest of his life even if he had been convicted on all of the counts for which he was charged,” said Judge Corey.

He also told Schneider, “This can never happen again.”

According to KTVA, Schneider “offered no apology or recognition of the potential long-term impacts the assault might have had on his victim” at this week’s hearing. Schneider will also get to avoid being registered as a sex offender because none of the charges were specifically related to sex crimes.

The response to the plea deal has been swift outrage, as the case raises similarities to other white men–like Brock Turner–getting off easy for heinous sex crimes. In fact, the judge in the Brock Turner case was recalled and removed from office earlier this year.

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13 Comments on "The judge who approved no-jail deal in shocking assault will be on this year’s ballot"

  1. Victim was choked unconscious, raped and ejaculated on and the criminal is a member of “our community “ I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable around this person…

  2. So, does this mean that unwanted masturbating on someone is not a sex crime registry offense, but (I think) public urination and indecent exposure are?

  3. Thank you Kris for posting this! Unfortunately I had the experience of observing this man in action on my friends’ case and he definitely does not belong in a court room. I am so happy to see that the public will have a say so in NOT RETAINING JUDGE COREY!!!!

  4. Willow Tallimat | September 21, 2018 at 5:30 pm | Reply

    Justin Scott Schneider owns several homes, has a wife and doesn’t have to register as a sex offender. Yet he admits the only way he can reach organism, is to make his victim really feel like she is going to die. In this case, by strangulation till they pass out.

    You want this beast living in your neighborhood?

    This is what white privilege looks like.

    Go ahead, bring him some home baked cookies and welcome him back from the depths of putrid behaviors. Bring your kids, they can play with his while you eat milk and cookies! I’m sure this cretin will appreciate it. Look him in the eye and ponder the females in your life will be safe.

    Good grief Alaska, this made national news. With numerous national news outlets.
    Which means this sicko, his attorney and the judge, has made Alaska a more welcoming place for creeps who like to do stuff like this.


  5. He told him this can never happen again. That should solve the problem.

  6. Get out of that beautiful state you scumbag! You two don’t match!

  7. Oh, so the judge rapped his knuckles on desk while chastising the defendant, ” this can not happen again. ” alrighty then! Guess we’re all done here!

  8. Michael Corey it is a shame you are a judge. If you would be doing your job properly Justin Schneider would be locked up for a long time.
    You would do humanity a service if you would willingly resign.
    SHAME ON YOU !!!!

  9. If Alaskans don’t vote out this rape apologist they are getting what they deserve on the streets. What a disgusting excuse for a “judge”

  10. Come on Alaska, do the right thing and run this guy off.

  11. Your first sentence incorrectly states that Schneider was guilty of kidnapping. In fact, he did not plead guilty to such a charge, nor was he convicted of such a charge. Listen to the judges comments from the bench; Daniella Rivera posted them on facebook. They are informative.

  12. Wonder if he sawvthis perv ejaculating on his daughter,would he let him off as well

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