Alyse Galvin surpasses Rep. Don Young in total fundraising with nearly triple his total in latest report

U.S. Rep. Don Young reacts while independent candidate Alyse Galvin answers a question during the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce candidate forum on Sept. 17, 2018. (Photo by Matt Buxton/TMS)

Independent congressional candidate Alyse Galvin has more than some positive polling to be happy about in the final run to election day. The independent who’s running on the Alaska Democratic Party’s nomination has passed Rep. Don Young in overall fundraising thanks to a terrific fundraising period.

Galvin raised $566,557.34 purely from individual contributions between the Aug. 2 and Sept. 30 reporting period (nearly $115,000 coming on the final reporting day alone), nearly six times the amount Young raised from individuals during the same period. Her overall fundraising has surpassed Young with a grand total of $1.18 million raised.

Young reported $109,406.21 from individuals during the same period. He has a total reported campaign income of $207,928.22 during that period, thanks to the PAC support that Galvin has criticized during a recent forum. Young’s running total is $1 million raised.

Through the entire campaign, Galvin reports just $25,200 of her contributions have come from political action committees or about 2 percent of. That figure is $474,161 for Young or about 47.2 percent.

When Galvin brought up that figure during a recent forum, Young complained about the civility of the debate and called Galvin “nasty.”

The Galvin campaign says according to internal accounting about 67 percent of the individual contributions come from within Alaska. The Federal Election Commission doesn’t require names and addresses for contributions less than $200 to be reported, so verifying this number with publicly available data is not possible.

Total campaign contributions for Alaska congressional candidates (FEC reports)

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(The numbers in the charts don’t perfectly align with the reported numbers thanks to some discrepancies between the FEC’s processed and raw reports)

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  1. I attended the Fairbanks chamber Forum to evaluate Alyse Galvin and I’ve got to say I was not at all impressed. Don Young was his usual self, actually more civil than usual as no expletives were used. Alyse simply repeated Democratic party lines while claiming to be independent. When asked how she would approach the tasks required of working in Washington, simple things like getting on committees, she stumbled and was unable to think on her feet. She obviously has no game plan. Alaska might need change, but this is not it!

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