State of the Race: Democrats hold cash advantages in key legislative races

Something might be going on in there.The Alaska State Capitol building as photographed in 2010. (Photo by Kimberly Vardeman/Creative Commons)

While the latest round of fundraising reports were giving us plenty of headaches (hence the late report on them), they contained plenty of good news for Democrats in key legislative races.

Current legislative candidates have together raised $4.25 million and have about $1.24 million left to spend, according to our breakdown of fundraising reports covering a fundraising period running from Oct. 6 through Oct. 27.

Democrats have pulled ahead in key races that had largely been neck-and-neck until the latest reporting period, while others like Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Begich made up significant ground. While money obviously isn’t everything when it comes to election day, it is a gauge of enthusiasm and campaign activity.

Here’s some takeaways from the key battles. A full breakdown of all races is at the bottom.

Governor’s race

While Begich still lags behind Dunleavy when it comes to overall fundraising, he’s closed the gap considerably since Walker suspended his campaign. All that money that’s been sitting on the sidelines finally chose a side and went to Begich. He brought in $334,433.46 during the reporting period while Dunleavy brought in $220,374.28. The overall picture still gives Dunleavy the edge with $809,894.73 total raised and $179,742.21 in cash on-hand. Begich’s overall fundraising is $731,078.06 and he has $171,041.07 on-hand.

Meanwhile, Walker still had some fundraising numbers to report from the period, hauling in $83,070.82 almost entirely before he suspended his campaign. He has $108,582.64 remaining on-hand, but as we wrote before he’s pretty limited in what he can do with that money.

The head-to-head figures paint just a fraction of the picture of spending on the governor’s race. There’s a significant amount of independent expenditure money targeting the governor’s race (somewhere in the range of $4 million to $5 million) that we’ll break down in a separate post.

Senate A, Fairbanks

The last round of campaign finance reports put the fundraising totals of the two candidates in state’s most expensive legislative race within $242.34. That’s no longer the case in the 21 days of fundraising since those numbers were reported. The race between Rep. Scott Kawasaki and Sen. Pete Kelly is now separated by a whopping $19,676.28 thanks to Kawasaki’s big haul. Kawasaki out-raised Kelly nearly two-to-one with $40,091.14 to Kelly’s $20,657.20.

Kawasaki thoroughly outspent Kelly during this time period, too, with $100,723.22 to Kelly’s $52,066.77. However, it was Kelly that held a $10,000 advantage in remaining cash on hand with $51,233.45 to Kawasaki’s $41,344.13.

House District 1, Fairbanks

The same story pretty much applies directly to the race for Kawasaki’s vacated seat. Where an even more narrow margin of $226.17 separated Democrat Kathryn Dodge and Republican Bart LeBon in the last reports, that has also similarly been demolished by the Democrat. Dodge hauled in $11,854.56 to LeBon’s $6,017.00, giving her a sizable lead.

LeBon outspent Dodge during the latest reporting period, $35,344.25 to her $27,637.15, but Dodge has spent far more overall. The total running spend for Dodge is $111,710.83 to LeBon’s $75,083.26. That gives LeBon the advantage for the remainder of the race with $29,154.74 cash on hand to Dodge’s $6,738.18.

House District 6, Fairbanks, Denali Borough and Interior villages

There hasn’t been much attention paid to the race for House District 6 between Republican Rep. Dave Talerico and Democratic challenger Ed Alexander, but we could be in for a surprise if fundraising is anything to go by. Alexander continued his strong fundraising during the recent period, pulling in $8,085.00 to bring his total campaign haul to a pretty strong $43,429.27.

Talerico meanwhile has been pretty quiet on the fundraising front throughout the race. He brought in just $2,400.00 during the latest report to put his overall total at $15,150.00.

Because House District 6 is so geographically massive, the money advantage could be pretty meaningful to reach voters.

House District 15, Anchorage

The conservative money continues to roll in for Republican write-in candidate Jake Sloan, who’s challenging Republican Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux for the northeast Anchorage seat. Sloan had the highest income of any of the FIVE candidates who filed reports for the seat with $8,290.00 (bringing his total to $27,129.92), while LeDoux raised $7,279.00 (bringing her total to an astounding $138,754.40) and Democrat Lyn Franks raised $7,214.75 (bringing her total to $18,980.26).

And that’s not to mention the impact of independent expenditures on the race, which have poured in on behalf of LeDoux and Sloan.

Whether any of this Republican Party ire results in anything on election day is anyone’s guess.

House District 27, Anchorage

Democrat Liz Snyder continued to roll in her race against Republican Rep. Lance Pruitt, raking in $15,375.00 during the latest reporting period to bring her grand total to $78,633.69. Pruitt’s lagged behind Snyder throughout most of the race and this was no different. He pulled in just $6,842.55 to bring his total to $49,912.37.

Snyder’s been one of the most active campaigners in any House race, which should add to her chances going into election day. Pruitt will have a slight advantage of cash on hand with $28,665.24 to Snyder’s $22,800.97.

House District 28, Anchorage

To continuing the theme of Democratic female candidates outpacing Republicans, we just have to hop over to House District 28 where Democrat Amber Lee has a cumulative fundraising total of $61,935.44 to Rep. Jennifer Johnston’s $35,337.03. Lee raised $10,184.17 during the latest fundraising period to Johnston’s $5,900.00.

Like other races, Lee has also outspent Johnston by a wide margin. Lee’s spend of $42,627.09 gives her $19,308.35 remaining cash on hand while Johnston’s cumulative spend of $16,326.69 leaves her with $24,010.34 for the remainder of the race.

House District 33 and 34, Juneau

The one place where key Democrats are lagging behind their opponents is Juneau, where Democrat Andi Story lags behind Republican Jerry Nankervis by less than $3,000. She closed the gap quite a bit in recent fundraising efforts with $17,598.04 of income to his $4,975.79. Overall, Nankervis stands at $94,547.11 to Story’s $91,294.19.

Story holds a significant cash advantage for the remainder of the race with $28,197.50 to Nankervis’ $16,757.55.

The fundraising gap is wider in the race for House District 33, where independent Chris Dimond holds a $16,146.04 advantage over Democrat Sara Hannan. Dimond’s raised a total of $79,277.97 to Hannan’s $63,131.93. He’s also outspent Hannan, meaning Hannan holds a slight advantage for remaining cash on hand at $15,860.88 to his $13,533.89.

Though Dimond is an independent and from Juneau, he’s made Democrats nervous because he’s said he’d be open to caucusing with either Democrats or Republicans (basically whoever is in power and gives him/his district a better seat).

Overall numbers

After spending a frustrating afternoon and morning attempting to do our usual number crunching on the latest reports (which gives us helpful information like how many people contributed to each campaign, the average size of the contribution and how much of that money came from PACs), we’ve abandoned all hope of getting something done in a reasonable amount of time. There’s just too many errors in there that need to be cleaned up by hand. We might take another crack at it, but for now here’s all of the top level number from the latest round of fundraising.

RaceCandidatePartyTotal IncomeTotal Spend7-Day Income7-Day SpendDebtCash On-hand
GovernorMark BegichDemocrat$731,078.06$616,079.04$334,433.46$264,716.39$118,079.02$171,041.07
GovernorBill WalkerIndependent$763,413.05$954,771.12$83,070.82$113,520.73$42,197.09$108,582.64
GovernorMike DunleavyRepublican$809,894.73$630,152.52$220,374.28$206,317.19$2,655.00$179,742.21
GovernorBilly ToienLibertarian$6,305.55$5,974.35$1,410.80$1,882.80$0.00$206.20
Lt. GovernorDebra CallDemocrat$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Lt. GovernorByron MallottIndependent$296,502.82$346,002.82$0.00$14,877.87$0.00$0.00
Lt. GovernorKevin MeyerRepublican$146,169.65$113,573.86$750.00$0.00$0.00$2,391.65
Senate AScott KawasakiDemocrat$207,410.42$170,966.61$40,091.14$100,723.22$0.00$41,344.13
Senate APete KellyRepublican$187,734.14$136,500.69$20,657.20$52,066.77$0.00$51,233.45
Senate CClick BishopRepublican$31,225.24$1,178.29$1,450.00$0.00$0.00$30,046.95
Senate ESu KayDemocrat$1,800.18$3,615.08$0.00$242.00$0.00$1,998.21
Senate EMike ShowerRepublican$400.00$2,243.40$400.00$2,243.40$0.00-$1,843.40
Senate GLora ReinboldRepublican$74,084.60$69,544.22$5,590.00$5,961.51$4,809.00$4,540.38
Senate GOliver SchiessDemocrat$35,937.86$23,314.85$5,819.89$445.17$500.00$10,623.01
Senate IJim CrawfordRepublican$14,546.27$12,003.43$5,611.00$9,803.88$0.00$2,542.84
Senate IElvi Gray-JacksonDemocrat$126,184.62$74,807.77$5,627.98$28,788.22$166.66$55,964.85
Senate KSam CasonDemocrat (U)$17,931.40$11,981.74$4,856.40$315.32$10,019.75$5,949.66
Senate KMia CostelloRepublican$65,676.00$39,128.29$5,654.00$2,220.68$0.00$34,513.06
Senate MChris BirchRepublican$71,300.00$52,198.00$9,100.00$8,564.93$0.00$24,102.00
Senate MJanice ParkDemocrat$13,929.93$5,101.44$2,325.00$51.84$0.00$8,828.49
Senate ORon GillhamWrite-in (R)$17,538.00$15,080.67$2,160.00$2,611.24$0.00$2,457.33
Senate OPeter MiccicheRepublican$92,175.00$73,083.80$10,885.00$18,314.18$0.00$27,809.58
Senate QJesse KiehlDemocrat$117,354.06$99,969.79$11,500.00$40,678.52$6,450.00$22,156.46
Senate QDon EtheridgeIndependent$51,201.19$38,940.89$7,719.79$10,872.81$232.89$12,260.30
Senate SLyman HoffmanDemocrat$56,466.29$26,261.50$2,207.52$2,376.96$0.00$38,393.21
House 1Kathryn DodgeDemocrat$118,467.01$111,710.83$11,854.56$27,637.15$0.00$6,738.18
House 1Bart LeBonRepublican$104,238.00$75,083.26$6,017.00$35,344.25$0.00$29,154.74
House 2Steve ThompsonDemocrat$32,202.00$28,811.40$4,050.00$2,089.38$0.00$8,025.98
House 2Van LawrenceRepublican$25,865.39$25,715.88$4,594.20$8,402.29$0.00$149.51
House 3Tammie WilsonRepublican$3,383.78$1,610.80$780.00$779.61$0.00$6,772.98
House 4Tim LamkinIndependent$6,750.00$6,561.99$2,750.00$2,505.44$510.00$733.66
House 4Grier HopkinsDemocrat$75,724.43$62,384.66$7,685.00$24,102.06$0.00$13,339.77
House 4Jim SackettRepublican$71,285.40$50,273.48$9,489.85$8,934.32$5,776.52$21,011.92
House 5Kevin McKinleyRepublican$27,382.85$24,263.72$5,168.00$10,166.58$0.00$3,119.13
House 5Adam WoolDemocrat$58,713.31$33,272.34$5,325.00$20,272.07$1,449.62$25,440.97
House 6Ed AlexanderDemocrat$43,429.27$33,407.87$8,085.00$3,164.71$0.00$10,021.40
House 6Dave TalericoRepublican$15,150.00$13,864.25$2,400.00$9,426.23$0.00$5,065.96
House 7Colleen Sullivan-LeonardRepublican$11,198.51$3,491.89$1,350.00$630.55$0.00$7,706.62
House 8James Chesbro JrDemocrat$6,780.20$4,701.69$645.00$2,189.00$1,000.00$2,078.51
House 8Mark FishLibertarian$7,383.44$6,735.17$1,025.00$2,403.59$0.00$621.32
House 8Mark NeumanRepublican$6,382.80$4,643.46$1,800.00$194.23$0.00$6,739.34
House 9Bill JohnsonDemocrat$9,296.00$7,938.48$554.00$927.03$1,500.00$1,357.52
House 9James SquyresIndependent$1,200.00$185.27$0.00$85.27$0.00$1,014.73
House 9George RauscherRepublican$36,468.87$38,253.36$3,870.00$1,476.53$626.33$3,259.63
House 10David EastmanRepublican$28,981.97$13,873.29$6,214.04$7,790.00$600.00$15,108.68
House 10Patricia Faye-BrazelDemocrat$18,912.38$16,749.34$3,598.82$4,260.26$1,500.00$2,163.04
House 10Doyle HolmesIndependent$40,588.15$33,767.91$1,249.99$7,110.66$0.00$6,820.24
House 11Delena JohnsonRepublican$54,494.83$43,949.51$2,535.06$106.42$0.00$10,571.82
House 11Eileen PattersonDemocrat$15,117.30$8,323.15$6,265.00$2,778.88$1,000.00$6,794.15
House 12Stephany JeffersDemocrat (U)$5,041.46$4,740.33$70.00$3,901.75$0.00$301.13
House 12Cathy TiltonRepublican$25,799.92$20,027.65$3,470.00$6,324.01$0.00$10,772.27
House 13Nancy DahlstromRepublican$30,183.63$21,360.35$3,305.00$1,929.20$0.00$8,823.28
House 13Danyelle KimpDemocrat (N)$290.00$573.42$290.00$573.42$1,500.00-$283.42
House 14Joe HackenmuellerDemocrat (N)$4,120.00$3,448.98$635.00$510.22$500.00$671.02
House 14Kelly MerrickRepublican$72,537.99$59,970.25$10,316.26$3,587.29$0.00$12,567.74
House 15Lyn FranksDemocrat$18,980.26$13,645.39$7,214.75$7,061.80$1,000.00$5,309.29
House 15Gabrielle LeDouxRepublican$138,754.40$121,254.73$7,279.00$18,534.62$5,598.50$21,924.72
House 15Patrick McCormackWrite-in (D)$1,448.58$1,144.07$70.48$165.97$0.00$279.51
House 15Rick PhillipsWrite-in (NA)$1,116.25$829.22$1,116.25$829.22$0.00$287.03
House 15Jake SloanWrite-in (R)$27,129.92$13,944.93$8,290.00$8,642.97$0.00$13,184.99
House 16Ivy SpohnholzDemocrat$91,699.15$58,920.07$7,985.00$23,479.69$8,257.60$32,779.08
House 16Stanley WrightRepublican$1,215.00$1,734.19$1,215.00$1,734.19$0.00$2,803.74
House 17Andy JosephsonDemocrat$24,676.73$35,254.47$7,451.31$14,011.32$6,922.89$17,438.17
House 17Marcus SandersRepublican$25,690.55$23,452.18$5,602.00$4,964.62$3,102.80$2,238.37
House 18Harriet DrummondDemocrat$27,400.00$12,818.18$3,725.00$3,363.61$1,415.00$17,240.14
House 18Anthony LekanofRepublican$6,900.00$4,926.48$215.00$223.30$2,425.34$1,973.52
House 19Cean StevensLibertarian$12,728.80$7,759.03$3,158.58$1,623.04$0.00$4,969.77
House 20Zack FieldsDemocrat$58,053.78$49,646.50$6,920.00$4,405.67$0.00$8,407.28
House 20Ceezar MartinsonRepublican$1,400.00$490.90$700.00$245.00$0.00$5,455.00
House 21Matt ClamanDemocrat$109,053.55$72,242.44$15,145.98$35,824.58$0.00$41,783.54
House 21Marilyn StewartRepublican$35,859.44$32,289.65$7,865.00$5,651.18$0.00$6,749.10
House 22Dustin DardenDemocrat$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
House 22Sara RasmussenRepublican$54,047.74$21,631.42$12,980.00$4,486.80$16,891.39$32,416.32
House 22Jason GrennIndependent$81,608.48$57,778.66$11,537.00$16,991.12$1,000.00$23,829.82
House 23Connie DoughertyRepublican$37,204.99$25,885.17$9,510.00$6,952.52$9,262.99$11,319.82
House 23Chris TuckDemocrat$22,010.00$8,476.19$4,455.00$2,552.65$0.00$16,947.27
House 24Chuck KoppRepublican$46,375.61$44,224.78$3,621.28$11,940.20$0.00$7,132.61
House 24Sue LeviDemocrat$1,650.00$137.46$1,650.00$137.46$1,500.00$1,512.54
House 25Pat HigginsDemocrat$42,203.00$32,357.95$11,278.00$17,265.62$0.00$9,845.05
House 25Josh RevakRepublican$75,659.23$63,866.43$12,610.00$26,715.87$0.00$11,792.80
House 26Anita ThorneDemocrat$22,967.00$17,033.53$9,570.00$13,152.80$1,334.00$5,933.47
House 26Laddie ShawRepublican$38,744.43$28,725.84$5,210.97$2,776.20$0.00$10,018.59
House 27Lance PruittRepublican$49,912.37$21,561.18$6,842.55$3,779.87$13,885.60$28,665.24
House 27Liz SnyderDemocrat$78,633.69$55,832.72$15,375.00$26,399.77$2,000.00$22,800.97
House 28Jennifer JohnstonRepublican$35,337.03$16,326.69$5,900.00$4,776.01$0.00$24,010.34
House 28Amber LeeDemocrat$61,935.44$42,627.09$10,184.17$8,381.51$0.00$19,308.35
House 29Shawn ButlerDemocrat (N)$36,385.95$35,502.34$5,479.72$14,875.03$0.00$1,829.18
House 29Ben CarpenterRepublican$9,573.34$2,263.50$5,543.34$1,556.53$0.00$7,779.84
House 30Gary KnoppRepublican$10,538.36$4,890.74$1,750.00$1,570.00$0.00$5,647.62
House 31Paul SeatonDemocrat (N)$89,507.69$80,647.01$10,051.00$24,866.31$0.00$13,910.68
House 31Sarah VanceRepublican$35,577.47$32,708.35$8,620.90$12,656.30$0.00$2,869.12
House 32Dennis HarrisDemocrat$5,629.15$4,631.42$373.00$782.88$0.00$997.73
House 32Sandra M. Katelnikoff-LesterIndependent$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
House 32Louise StutesRepublican$40,851.50$33,518.81$2,587.50$4,739.50$0.00$12,332.69
House 33Sara HannanDemocrat$63,131.93$47,271.05$6,203.25$19,356.08$0.00$15,860.88
House 33Chris DimondIndependent$79,277.97$65,744.08$4,200.00$3,472.46$0.00$13,533.89
House 34Jerry NankervisRepublican$94,547.11$77,789.56$4,975.79$32,078.57$1,590.02$16,757.55
House 34Andi StoryDemocrat$91,294.19$63,096.69$17,598.04$31,931.10$4,800.00$28,197.50
House 35Johnathan Kreiss-TomkinsDemocrat$71,345.02$37,312.21$12,893.00$14,535.28$12,455.00$34,032.81
House 35Richard WeinRepublican$38,191.73$40,278.45$2,950.00$9,700.18$0.00-$2,086.72
House 36Dan OrtizIndependent$51,017.74$33,445.26$6,375.00$8,855.71$1,447.24$17,672.48
House 36Trevor ShawRepublican$8,902.94$4,313.13$379.00$2,736.67$6,135.68$4,489.81
House 37Bryce EdgmonDemocrat$48,267.08$24,087.88$6,690.00$9,113.96$6,470.03$24,543.50
House 37William WeatherbyRepublican$1,550.00$1,311.67$1,550.00$1,311.67$148.00$238.33
House 38Darren DeaconRepublican$5,797.00$6,076.91$2,000.00$3,577.06$0.00$769.16
House 38Tiffany ZulkoskyDemocrat$36,771.65$20,183.21$980.00$9,924.55$0.00$15,825.78
House 39Neal FosterDemocrat$9,950.00$0.00$2,450.00$0.00$0.00$9,993.38
House 40John LincolnDemocrat$50,726.00$43,887.45$4,550.00$6,784.19$625.00$6,838.61
House 40Leanna MackIndependent$601.00$66.45$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
House 40Patrick SavokIndependent$200.00$140.00$200.00$140.00$0.00$60.00

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  1. Why does the midnight sun have Rep Steve Thompson listed as a Democrat ?

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