POLL: Health care still a top voter priority in 2019

With Alaska’s legislative session underway and a new governor who’s pledged to “match expenditures to revenues,” there’s uncertainty in just about every corner of Alaska touched by state government, and that’s particularly true for the state’s second largest department, the Department of Health and Social Services.

But according to a new national poll, the issue of health care could be a political boon for Democrats, and with Republican Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy expected to present some $1.6 billion in cuts when his budget that could be especially true for Alaska’s Democrats.

The national survey conducted by Heart Research Associates on behalf of health care advocates Protect Our Care found voters are increasingly looking to Congressional Democrats for solutions on health care. The poll was conducted from January 8 through January 11 with a national sample of 1,002 voters and was released on Monday.

The poll, however, warns against sweeping overhauls to the country’s health care system and, instead, finds major backing for more moderate changes to the existing system. Top voter priorities focus around increased consumer protections, lowering costs, and improving care. Specific examples include:

  • Reduce health insurance premiums and out of pocket costs
  • Crack down on excessive drug pricing
  • Protect people who have pre-existing medical conditions
  • Expand insurance coverage so more Americans are covered

Elected leaders who have worked toward those goals in 2018 ended up with a significant trust advantage –11 points over those who worked on a platform of repealing protections.

Find the full poll here.

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