Friday in the Sun: The It’ll Be Saturday edition

Friday in the Sun is here

It’s been a busy, generally aggravating week filled with gloomy dispatches from bizarro-world roadshow presentations and unifying demonstrations of civil disobedience. All set against the backdrop of a line item veto and the paradigm-shifting decision of the Associated Press to allow the % symbol the be an acceptable replacement for “percent.”

It also happens to be a pretty nice Anchorage afternoon and the dogs are getting on my case. So instead of spending the rest of my Friday night recapping the week in gossip and rumors, the usual column will be out sometime (let’s say mid-day) Saturday.

Go out and enjoy your property values while they last.

Your ever humble editor,


P.S. In the mean time, I’ll leave you a preview of the Saturday in the Sun via Alaska Political Memes:

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