Monday on the Runway: The Brown Slip-on edition

(Photo by Jeroen Stroes Aviation Photography/Flickr Creative Commons)

It’s been such a pain keeping up with all the competing political blogs out there, so we here at The Midnight Sun have decided to call it quits on keeping up with the political game. From here on out, we’ll be delivering the hard-hitting commentary and analysis of political fashion, a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts.

Who’s hot? Who’s not? You’ll have to stay tuned, but in this inaugural edition we’re highlighting some of our very favorite pieces of Alaska political fashion that’ll be perfect for your next afternoon of door-knocking.

Brown Merrell slip-on shoes

Fashion doesn’t have to be painful.

Perfect for the male legislator on the go. All the convenience of a slip-on with just enough “style” that you, a male legislator, can get away with passing them off as dress shoes. You’re so busy jetting off to the next committee hearing, you never stopped to ask yourself if you should be frequently removing your shoes in the first place!

For the women: The Dansko. Yeah, you’ll have to constantly defend their looks, but they’re so darn comfortable!

If laces are your thing

Excellent for standing tall.

We might suggest a snazzy pair of New Balance Slip Resistant 626s. Perfect for keeping your balance on Nome’s unseasonable slush (definitely not related to climate change) while ignoring a line of union thugs/children chanting “We are the future.”

Brand-new Carhartts and a nice wool button-up

Nothing says “I, an Anchorage legislator, understand you, rural Alaska” better than this iconic duo.

Porn Kills Shirt

Need to make a fear-driven political statement while cheerily posing with your family? Then this Porn Kills t-shirt is just for you. Not concerned about the public health dangers caused by pornography? (You depraved deviant, stay away from my family!) Not to worry, it comes in many different styles, including “Pre-marital sex Kills,” “Eliminating oil tax credits Kills,” “Per barrel oil tax credits Kill” and “Ptarmigans Kill.”


Once a practical, multi-purpose article of clothing worn by Alaska Natives, the kuspuk now comes in all sorts of culturally sensitive prints like military green camo and all those fun Lula Roe prints. The White man has proven that anything can become a Hawaiian shirt.

It can also fill in for your nice wool button-up when you, an Anchorage legislator, visit rural Alaska.


At this point we’ve lost track of where Xtratufs stand, but we’re still pretty sure that you’re a poser if you show up from Fairbanks with your Sears-branded pleated pants (RIP) over them.

Sleeveless power dresses

Some might wonder what you’re doing in Alaska with so many sleeveless outfits, but you’ll have them know you’re plenty warm thanks to all the fiery hatred outside the recent roadshow. Perfect for stops to Alaska’s “South coast.”

Blogger soft pants and slippers

Whether you’re recuperating from a night of fisticuffs or have been out of regular in-person reporting so long that you’re afraid of leaving the safety of your home, nothing beats an elastic waistband for the husky male blogger. And with summer right around the bend we suggest a stop in to REI to check out their selection of fine elastic-waisted shorts.

For the women: An assortment of “fun” hats.

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  1. David Otness | April 2, 2019 at 12:40 pm | Reply

    Those Merrells are great though, and durable.
    Available at Boot Country on the Old Seward, just north of the Dimond Mall.

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