Friday in the Sun (April 19): The ‘Mid-session’ Survey edition

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The 90-day session, the House operating budget and the joint confirmation hearings are in the Legislature’s rear-view mirror, so it’s about as good a time as any to check in on how this class of legislators is stacking up. That’s right, it’s time for the latest installment of The Midnight Sun’s highly scientific rating of all 60 legislators.

This year, we’re opening up the survey to anyone and everyone. We want to know what you, dear reader, think about this class of legislators.

You can check out the results from last year: The Good, the Bad and, wait, Who? The Midnight Sun’s 2018 rankings of Alaska’s legislators.

The biggest change this year is that we’re doing away with the individual comments and are instead asking you to get creative with your own nicknames for legislators (Think “Bert Locker” and “NEASTMAN”). The more acceptable nicknames will make it into the final product. Don’t be entirely mean-spirited, guys.

And if you don’t know who someone is, skip ’em! We don’t just want to know who’re the good and bad legislators, but also the forgettable ones.

As always, your individual ratings and comments will be kept completely anonymous.

Thanks for your time!

Your ever-humble editor,

Matt Buxton

Note: We’re still sending out a separate survey to “insiders” so if you’ve received an email or the link, use that. We’ll have two separate rankings—an insider ranking and a public ranking—for each legislator. If you really think you’re an “insider,” find me and ask for the link. 

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