Radio Campaign Targets Legislators

With only a week or so left  to override Governor Dunleavy’s budget vetoes, an effort to pressure the fence sitting legislators has begun.  Save our State is on the airwaves with a series of targeted radio ads and Internet ads that call out legislators who may not vote for overrides because they are closely aligned with Dunleavy, or are nursing grudges from the regular session.  Representative Ben Carpenter posted on social media that, essentially, his feelings were still hurt because he didn’t end up in the Majority.

These legislators are in a tough position.  They want to stay on good terms with the Governor, but will face voters next year  with a new recession and a devastated University System on their hands. Plus, the Governor has promised to cut hundreds of millions of dollars more next year, meaning local schools will be on chopping block like the University was this year.

All eyes are on Mia Costello, Josh Revak, Kelly Merrick, Sharon Jackson, Sara Rasmussen, Lance Pruitt, Laddie Shaw, Dave Talerico and Peter Micciche.


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  1. This is only the first of the Governor’s cuts to education, he has already vetoed forward funding for public schools for 2020/21. If he is allowed to continue the future of Alaska and our Children look very dim.

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