POLL: Dunleavy’s approval rating is underwater everywhere, including Mat-Su

Republican Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy answers questions from reporters after announcing his transition team at the Alaska Miners Association conference on Nov. 8, 2018. (Photo by Matt Buxton/TMS)

Earlier this week, we got our mitts on polling that showed how Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy’s approval rating took a nosedive after releasing his vetoes. The polling, which fell on both sides of the announcement, showed his approval rating fell by 10 points to a dismally low 31 percent approval rating.

Today, we can bring you the geographic breakdown of how Alaskans think about the job Dunleavy is doing in the wake of the vetoes. Nowhere in the results does the governor enjoy a net positive approval rating.

The governor’s highest approval rating is in his hometown of Mat-Su but even there it’s not in the net positives. According to the polling conducted by Patinkin Research Strategies, only 42 percent of Mat-Su likely voters approve of the job Dunleavy is doing and 55 percent don’t. That gives him a net approval rating of -13 points.

The lowest approval rating comes from rural Alaska where just 9 percent of likely voters approve of the job he’s doing and a whopping 87 percent don’t. While Dunleavy pledged he would be a friend to rural Alaska, his cuts have delivered nothing but pain.

Anchorage voters give the governor a 36 percent approval rating with a 60 percent negative rating.

Fairbanks gives him a 31 percent approval rating with a 65 percent negative rating.

Juneau gives Dunleavy a 16 percent approval rating with a 75 percent negative rating.

Down on the Kenai, likely voters give Dunleavy a 33 percent approval rating and a 64 percent negative rating.

Legislators from the Mat-Su, Kenai and some from Anchorage have stood by the governor in the wake of his vetoes, insisting on a special session in Wasilla as the venue of choice. They’ve refused to return to Juneau and take part in the veto overrides, proudly labeling themselves as “22 strong.”

While the first day in Wasilla was the site of protests in favor of the $3,000 PFD or the veto overrides, legislators in Wasilla have done nothing else of importance and have not even held town halls or listening sessions.

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