Don Young added to list of vulnerable Republicans: Report

Alaska Rep. Don Young.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has added Alaska’s U.S. Rep. Don Young to its Patriot Program, according to Politico, which describes the program as “an incumbent protection effort out of the GOP’s party committee.”

Young was reportedly among eight Republicans who were added to the program in a second round of incumbents along with Reps. Andy Barr (Ky.), Rodney Davis (Ill.), Brian Mast (Fla.), Steve Chabot (Ohio), Steve Watkins (Kan.), Jim Hagedorn (Minn.) and Kenny Marchant (Texas).

They’ve not yet been added to the Patriot Program’s official website.

The NRCC describes the program as, “Originally established in 2009, the program plays a vital role in helping our Republican team facing some of the toughest challenges stay on offense. Reestablishing the Republican Majority begins with Patriot Program Members.” It adds that, “During this cycle, NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer and Patriot Program Chairman John Katko are working to ensure that the program’s members are ready to run well-funded and organized campaigns against their Democratic opponents.”

It was news that independent candidate Alyse Galvin, who recently filed for a second run against Young, seized upon. Galvin outraised Young during the 2018 election cycle, raising $1.9 million to Young’s $1.2 million and came within seven points of Young on election day.

“This morning, we got proof that this race is going to be one of the most competitive House races in 2020,” she wrote on Twitter.

Galvin filed after the first Federal Elections Commission filing deadline. During that time, Young raised $248,000.

Alaska’s 2018 congressional race got early attention but seemed to get lost in the final month when the race for governor took over the headlines—and attention. 20will be similarly packed with the U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan up for his first re-election.

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2 Comments on "Don Young added to list of vulnerable Republicans: Report"

  1. Lira Oppegard | July 29, 2019 at 3:00 pm | Reply

    So the NRCC shows clearly how willing they are to protect aging, ignorant, out-of-touch politicians from the currents of change and progress. Better to have in Congress people who myopically can’t read the writing on the wall than lose a seat in the House to someone who knows “business as usual” is bad for the country when that “business” is all about promoting the interests of self-serving billionaires and corporations that fear a progressive democracy will injure their special privileges. Yes, 2016 saw a major collapse of Reason, but don’t count on that kind of moral lapse continuing.

  2. Lita Oppegard | July 29, 2019 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    The NRCC seems optimistic in its aim to protect politicians no longer in touch with the realities facing our country and the global, environmental community. It has a tenacious spirit in wanting to keep congress stuck in a contrived mindset that nothing needs to be done but to keep America where it can best serve the short term needs of the few. I admire tenacity, but I wouldn’t count on the next election being kind to those who deny we, the environment and climate are in trouble.

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