Friday in the Sun (Aug. 2): The Oranges edition

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It’s been another busy week in Alaska politics but, honestly, what week in 2019 hasn’t felt like one of those busy, too-much-to-follow kind of weeks? Perhaps when the Legislature was in regular session, perhaps.

Anyways! What a wonderful week, then, for your ever-so-humble, ever-so-tired editor to have scheduled a much-needed break and vacation to see some friends and family. So with that, no regular Friday in the Sun this week but that doesn’t mean we don’t have something very special to launch this afternoon (You’ll see a new tab in the navigation above).

See y’all again on Tuesday… maybe Wednesday.


My flight down to Calgary was scheduled for a few hours before the launch of the signature-gathering kickoff event in Anchorage so I missed out on all the action but thankfully tons of people went to social media to show the effort was strong throughout the state.

By reports on social media, the recall effort appears to have broken the 10,000-signature mark already and should be well on its way to the 28,501 signatures needed to turn in the application and get on their way to the 71,252 signatures needed to actually call the special election to remove the Tall One from office.

Take care, Alaska.




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