Campaign 2020 is Off with a Bang. Liz Snyder Rakes in the Cash.

Usually Summers in Alaska are a time when fishing, vacations and recreation push politics out of people’s minds from May through August.  Not this year.  The ongoing controversy over the budget; vetoes; and the very real Recall has kept the politics pot boiling.

Last evening, Liz Snyder held the first fundraiser for the 2020 election cycle.  Snyder is mounting another challenge to Rep. Lance Pruitt.  She squared off against him 2018 and came close–and she’s seeking a rematch.  Pruitt’s political liabilities have grown recently.  His wife’s contract with the Governor to provide “communications” has left folks questioning Pruitt’s ability to be independent from the Governor while his wife is making around $200K a year on contract with Dunleavy.  Pruitt’s I-thought-it-was-funny-at-the-time selfie that mocked a protester in Wasilla has hurt him as well; leaving the impression that Pruitt is smug and insensitive.

People have evidently smelled blood in the water.

According to folks in the campaign, Snyder raised about $35,000 (all from individual donors, no PAC checks) last night when all the funds are tallied.   That is a huge haul for a Democrat House candidate. The event was hosted at the home of Mark Begich and Deborah Bonito.

In my memory, it’s probably a new record.

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2 Comments on "Campaign 2020 is Off with a Bang. Liz Snyder Rakes in the Cash."

  1. Elstun Lauesen | August 15, 2019 at 9:04 am | Reply

    This is great news! I missed the event but am going online to donate today. Thank you for running Liz!

  2. I’ll not be voting for liz . Just another liberal Alaska cant live with another socialist in our state. .

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