Oranges, musk oxen and conversations: August in Comics

Editor’s Note: In August, we launched a collaboration with Juneau’s Pat Race (or as you might know him from Twitter as @AlaskaRobotics, or as you might know him from elections as the artist behind those nifty 2018 early voting stickers) to bring you guys weekly political comics, and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s been so far. This week’s comic will be slightly delayed, so this is as good an opportunity as any to look back at what the first month of this fun partnership has brought us. Plus, we’re really just super proud of the work Pat has been doing. – Matt Buxton

Life is Like a Bowl of Oranges – Aug. 2

Recall Season – Aug. 8

(Click to see full-resolution comic.)

Inside Out – Aug. 15On the Other Hand – Aug 22

Bonus: Conversation Starter – Aug. 23

Reinventing Journalism – Aug. 30

(Click for full-resolution.)

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