Galvin passes Young in fundraising for 2020 cycle, Young still holds cash advantage

(Photo by Alyse Galvin Campaign)

U.S. House candidate Alyse Galvin’s campaign has something to celebrate after the latest round of fundraising reports shows the independent is leading in total campaign contributions during the election cycle, topping Republican U.S. Rep. Don Young by more than $1,500.

According to reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission, Galvin raised a total of $462,107.28 in contributions since she officially entered the race in July. Young, even with a two-quarter head start, has raised a running total of $460,542.91.

The difference becomes particularly stark when you factor in political action committee contributions.

A majority of Young’s fundraising haul comes from political action committees while nearly all of Galvin’s comes from individual contributions.

According to the reports, Young’s campaign took in $263,194 in political action committee contributions for the entire election cycle or 57 percent of his total fundraising. Just 42 percent of his contributions from the entire cycle come form individuals.

Meanwhile, more than 99 percent of Galvin’s fundraising totals come from individual contributions according to the report.

Both campaigns are close when it comes to spending for the 2020 election. Galvin has spent $246,386 while Young has spent $224,499.

The one place where Young still holds an advantage over Galvin fundraising wise is cash on hand. Young entered the race with more cash than Galvin and currently sits at $515,087. Galvin reports having $401,008 in on-hand cash.

Galvin is an independent who is seeking the Alaska Democratic Party’s nomination for the 2020 ticket. She has already received the nomination of the Alaska Democratic Party.

Why it matters

Following the reports that Democrat-backed U.S. Senate Candidate Al Gross topped Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan in the latest quarter of fundraising, this is good news all around for Democrats who’ll face an uphill challenge against incumbent candidates in a generally conservative state.

Galvin is in a particularly good spot considering that in one quarter of fundraising, she’s already surpassed Young who’s been fundraising for three quarters. Galvin put up a strong challenge to Young in 2018, coming within seven points of the upset.

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