House passes impeachment resolution. Young calls it ‘political stunt’ then ‘headbutts’ reporter.

A visibly frustrated U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, moments before bumping his head into a camera, saying "there ya go," in response questions about politicians accepting foreign help in elections on Oct. 31, 2019. Young joined other Republicans in voting against a resolution to open public hearings on the impeachment of Trump. (Screenshot from MoveOn/Twitter)

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 232-196 this morning to approve a resolution that lays out the public process for how the impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump will be handled.

It marks the first public vote on the resolution and all Republicans, including Alaska’s U.S. Rep. Don Young, were joined by two Democrats in opposing the measure. Young, who’s already called the process a waste of time and said he sees nothing illegal in the president’s pressuring of Ukraine to investigate the family of political opponent Joe Biden, called the process a “political stunt” before pulling a very Don Young-style stunt of his own.

“This is a sad day for this great institution. Today’s vote to formally pursue an impeachment inquiry is just the latest political stunt by House Democrats. This is not a question of whether there are sufficient grounds for impeachment, it is simply a sham vote to allow House Democrats to continue to trample on the longstanding impeachment process in the House. Everyone in this country deserves due process, but this vote is unfair and a total charade,” he said in a prepared statement after the vote. “I continue to believe that Democrats are pursuing impeachment only out of their hatred for President Trump, and not out of concern for our country.”

Young is the longest serving member of the House and served during the impeachment efforts against Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Nixon resigned before the House reached a vote on articles of impeachment, but Young cast votes for the impeachment of Clinton.

In a 1998 statement on the vote to open the impeachment inquiry on Clinton, Young said “Being truthful to the American people is part of our system of justice. Americans deserve to know the full truth about this issue in a fair and complete manner.”

In his statement today, Young said the process against Trump is different than the one against Clinton or Nixon.

“In 1998, when the House was pursuing impeachment against President Clinton, we made it a point to ensure that the process went through proper channels, specifically the House Judiciary Committee. Democrats may not have agreed that President Clinton should have been impeached, but what matters is that they were included in the process,” he said. “The process was held out in the open, it was fair, and the public could see it. Twenty-one years later, House Democrats have chosen to pursue impeachment against President Trump, but this time through a totally one-sided process with total disregard for precedent.”

After the vote, reporters from the progressive MoveOn asked Young if “it’s okay to ask foreign governments to interfere in our elections” while the 86-year-old Republican repeatedly tried the button on the elevators.

Young, while an aide asked the reporters to go through the press office, eventually threw up his hands and bumped the MoveOn camera with his head, saying “there ya go.”

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