Alaska Republican Party takes planned Juneau convention online over coronavirus concerns

Juneau. (Photo by Brian Boyd/Flickr Creative Commons)

The Alaska Republican Party had been set to meet in Juneau in early April for its annual convention but announced Wednesday that it will instead “convene electronically” to handle only a handful of critical issues.

The announcement from ARP Chairman Glenn Clary both the state central committee meeting on April 2 along with the two-day state convention starting on April 3 will be taken online. He said the party will hold its convention at “a future date and time certain in Juneau.”

The agenda for the convention has been pared down and will only include:

  • Completion of registration of delegates and alternates
  • Seating of delegates and alternates
  • Election of national delegates and alternates
  • Election of state Party officers
  • Election of state presidential electors

Clary says these are the items required for the state’s participation in the annual Republican National Convention. The party did not conduct a presidential primary this year, throwing its full support behind President Donald Trump.

As for the economic impact on Juneau, the message says its organizer is “working with hoteliers, caterers and vendors to minimize any economic impact of postponement.”

Grab bags for the convention, which included a branded bottle of hand sanitizer, were reportedly distributed to legislators today.

The Alaska Democratic Party shifted to a by-mail presidential primary this year after typically conducting an in-person caucus. It announced on Wednesday that it had dropped the primary ballots in the mail. Voters who were registered as Democrats by Feb. 18 will automatically receive the ballots in the mail. The party still plans to have limited in-person voting at several locations throughout Alaska on April 4.

There have been increased calls for by-mail voting in the wake of the coronavirus and Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden has proposed legislation to implement nationwide by-mail voting for this year’s elections.

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