Young raised $7,950 on the day he made ‘beer virus’ comments, lags well behind Galvin overall

Alyse Galvin and Don Young.

Editor’s note: OK, so these reports were released a few weeks ago but we’ve just finally got a chance to check ‘em out and specifically check out what was happening on the fateful March 13. 

Alyse Galvin raised more than twice as much as U.S. Rep. Don Young during the first fundraising quarter of this year, according to reports filed earlier this month with the Federal Elections Commission, putting the independent challenger ahead in nearly every fundraising metric for her rematch with the Republican.

Galvin raised $506,591.10 between Jan. 1 and March 31, bringing her fundraising for the cycle to a whopping $1.32 million. During that same time period, Young—who campaigned while mocking the “beer virus”—raised $200,033.66 to bring his fundraising for the cycle to $875,385.18.

The good news doesn’t stop there for Galvin, who came within seven points of Young during the 2018 election (the closest any candidate has come since Ethan Berkowitz’s 2008 finish). She also holds the cash on-hand advantage at $961,000 to Young’s $804,000, marking the first time a challenger has had more cash-on hand than Young at this stage in the race.

Young has also taken considerably more money from political action committees than Galvin. To date, he’s received more in PAC money ($458,194.63) than from individual contributions ($417,190.55). Galvin’s fundraising has been almost entirely from individual contributions ($1,280,243.60) and little has come from PACs ($39,505.97).

To see a breakdown of the PAC money backing each candidate, check out the following filings for Young and Galvin.

Beer virus

On March 13, the day Young made inflammatory comments to a group of seniors at the Mat-Su Senior Services building in Palmer, dismissing the COVID-19 pandemic as overhyped ploy by the media and encouraged seniors, himself included, to “go forth with our everyday activities,” Young’s campaign reported $7,950 in income from three individual contributions and four PAC contributions.

Only one of the individual contributions, which was for $500, came from an Alaska address.

Among the $5,500 in PAC contributions, Young received a $2,500 contribution from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. On March 13, AANA announced a task force to monitor COVID-19 and cancelled its mid-year assembly.

Young has since walked back the comments, joining an ignoble group of officials and celebrities who have apologized for downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic. 

Sullivan v. Gross

Things are also looking good for Al Gross, who’s the lead challenger against U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan. According to reports covering the same Jan. 1 to March 31 period, Sullivan still holds an overall fundraising advantage, but Gross had a stronger first quarter.

Sullivan raised $610,454 during that period for a running total of $5.78 million. Gross’ overall fundraising sits at $3 million but he raised $1 million of that during the first quarter of this year. Gross reported having $2 million in cash on hand to Sullivan’s $4.55 million.

When it comes to individual contributions, Gross has raised $2.34 million from individual contributions, $90,710 from PAC contributions and has given his own campaign another $596,620.

Sullivan’s fundraising is mostly from individual contributions. He’s raised $4 million in individual contributions and another $1.68 million from PAC contributions. He has not reported to his own campaign.

For a look at the PAC contributions, check out the following reports for Sullivan and Gross.

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