Survey in the Sun: The 2020 Legislator Ranking edition

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The legislative session is over, the campaign season can get underway, the Alaska economy has reopened responsibly, everything is back to “normal” and I think most of us all need a break.

You probably couldn’t tell because I’m always so productive, but I’ve been dragging for weeks now–for some reason, a few years of working from home didn’t completely prepare me for months of social isolation and constant existential dread–and need some time to get back into the groove of things. And with the end of session, what better to rekindle the fun of Alaska politics with the latest edition of our The Good, The Bad and, wait, Who? legislator rankings?

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So as you head out for the long weekend to camp, hike and remember those who made all this possible, we’d appreciate it if you could find a few minutes to crack open a beverage of your choice and help us figure out who’s been good, who’s been bad and who’s been forgettable with our totally scientific, 99.99% accurate and not-at-all-a-test-of-who-can-wrangle-the-most-entries legislator rankings. We plan on leaving this open for at least a week but could extend it if we feel like it.

Have a nice weekend everyone, take care and we’ll see you next week.

Your ever-so-tired editor,

Matt Buxton

(Oh, and if the embedded survey below is particularly wonky, you can head over to the web version of the survey here.)


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