Takeaways from the last round of fundraising before Alaska’s high-stakes primaries

Alaska’s primary election is set for next Tuesday and will largely determine the flavor of Republicans we have in Juneau as party-liners hope to give the boot moderates and far-right David Eastman in hopes of claiming a more pliable Legislature.

What’s going to happen? Will Gov. Mike Dunleavy and company get the rubberstamp Legislature he’s been pining after? Will moderates and their union backers win out the day? How’s that whole vote-by-mail thing gonna work out?

Who knows! All we know here at The Midnight Sun is how to waste a day digging through APOC reports.

Here’s some quick takeaways from what we found, but you can find a full table of where the candidates stand at the end of this post:

  • The heat is really turning up in the race for Senate District N, which is currently held by Senate President Cathy Giessel. In a sentence that would have been unimaginable in 2018, Giessel is on the outs with Republicans for not being conservative enough. Giessel spent the last two years working surprisingly well with the Democratic Minority and bipartisan House to oppose the worst of the first two years of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration. She topped the field fundraising during the last three-week period with $28,022 (about $3,500 coming from union PACs, which again, would have been shocking before this last session) raised to bring her total to $105,885. For the final week, she has a whopping $72,938 in cash on hand. Her primary challenger, Roger Holland raised nearly $14,000 during that time with a running total of $40,868. He has $6,100 on hand.
  • It’s a similarly heated primary for Rep. Chuck Kopp, R-Anchorage, who’s facing primary challenger Tom McKay. They’re neck-and-neck in terms of fundraising over the last three weeks with McKay raising $12,841 to Kopp’s $12,820. Kopp holds the overall fundraising advantage with $69,000 as his running total to McKay’s $36,600. Kopp has $16,430 on hand to McKay’s $10,280.
  • While you’d think that Sen. Natasha von Imhof might be in the same hot water as Giessel, Kopp and other moderates, she’s also got a primary opponent in dipshit Stephen Duplantis. Out of the more than $113,000 she’s raised, she’s so far spent just $13,199.57 and has nearly $100,000 left in the bank for a general election race against Jeff Landfield ($14,100.00 total raised) and Democrat Roselynn Casey (total raised $5,618.57).
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Rep. David Eastman is going up against the most expensive primary campaign in the state put up by Jesse Sumner. Sumner, who dumped a load of his own money into the campaign, has so far spent $81,000 on the race and most of it has gone to Imperial Independent Media (which is owned by House minority Republican spokesman Zachary Freeman). The race has also been the target of plenty of national dollars through independent expenditures.
  • Democratic challenger Liz Snyder is still at the top of the fundraising race with a whopping $121,000 in total. Her fundraising has slowed down a bit, bringing in just $6,200 over the last fundraising period. Still, she’s far out ahead of incumbent Republican Rep. Lance Pruitt who raise $4,000 over the latest fundraising period to sit at $21,480 overall.
  • The lone interesting Democratic primary for Fairbanks’ House District 5 has incumbent Rep. Adam Wool out far ahead of Mark Begich-endorsed Taryn Hughes. During the last fundraising period, Wool brought in nearly $10,000 to stand at a total of nearly $37,000 for the race. Hughes brought in $2,323 and stands at nearly $9,000.
  • Mark Neuman, R-Big Lake, didn’t report any fundraising during the last reporting period as he heads into a contested primary against Kevin McCabe, who’s been endorsed by both local and state parties. Neuman’s missed much of the last two years due to health issues, which was part of the reason cited in Must Read Alaska’s coverage of the party endorsements of McCabe. Neuman has $3,206 in cash on hand and spent $1,294 on the race while McCabe has spent $31,541 and has $3,700 in cash on hand.
  • With no primary opponent or general election opponent, North Pole Republican Rep. Mike Prax is set to have his appointment cemented with an election for the mere cost of getting an employee identification number for his checking account ($277).

APOC Reports

These are the seven-day reports filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission and cover a period running from July 18 through Aug. 8. As with nearly every APOC report, there are some glaring errors in these reports—specifically candidates not carrying over their previous income so their campaign total only reflects what was raised during this period—that we’ve fixed where we caught them.

NameDistrictPartyTotal Raised7-day RaisedTotal SpentCash on Hand
Bart LeBonHouse 01R$32,201.60$10,338.10$3,572.76$28,628.84
Christopher QuistHouse 01D$7,277.06$3,074.91$3,057.06$4,220.00
Bennie ColbertHouse 01D$1,738.33$1,738.33$2,152.64-$414.31
Steve ThompsonHouse 02R$12,900.00$2,900.00$4,485.17$8,414.83
Dave SelleHouse 02R$3,277.00$725.00$1,987.51$1,289.49
Jeremiah YoumansHouse 02D$785.93$50.00$276.58$509.35
Matt Bagodonuts WasdykeHouse 02NA (Pending)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Mike PraxHouse 03R$277.00$0.00$277.00$0.00
Grier HopkinsHouse 04D$37,612.14$8,270.00$11,484.81$27,374.13
Keith KurberHouse 04R$29,531.50$3,067.99$5,299.07-$2,231.08
Kevin McKinleyHouse 05R$25,815.70$1,630.00$15,294.29$10,521.41
Adam WoolHouse 05D$36,961.46$9,740.61$9,483.55$28,179.11
Taryn M HughesHouse 05D$8,652.58$2,323.58$3,265.92$5,386.66
Mike CronkHouse 06R$14,266.75$4,075.34$10,646.96$3,619.79
Elijah VerhagenHouse 06U (Certified)$8,620.88$4,351.77$6,779.88$1,841.00
Julie MorrisHouse 06R$6,311.98$250.00$4,141.55$2,170.43
Julia HnilickaHouse 06D$32,293.36$3,869.57$3,273.54$596.03
Ryan O SmithHouse 06R$2,186.95$2,000.00$1,373.70$813.25
Lynn GattisHouse 07R$17,035.00$2,005.00$12,683.30$4,351.70
Christopher KurkaHouse 07R$19,501.95$2,846.00$9,942.44$9,199.51
Thomas LambHouse 07NP (Withdrawn)$1,005.00$129.00$1,005.00$0.00
Jamin L. BurtonHouse 07U (Certified)$7,003.00$0.00$828.35$6,174.65
Kevin McCabeHouse 08R$35,310.07$1,095.38$31,541.17$3,768.90
Mark NeumanHouse 08R$2,500.79$0.00$1,294.21$3,206.58
Alma HartleyHouse 08D$600.00$600.00$376.71$223.29
Bill FikesHouse 08NA (Pending)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
George RauscherHouse 09R$18,076.44$7,916.06$16,098.76$1,977.60
LD HowardHouse 09R$17,782.88$1,709.42$14,033.57$3,749.31
Bill JohnsonHouse 09D$15,290.00$7,095.00$5,341.36$11,662.14
Jesse SumnerHouse 10R$91,954.83$9,937.89$81,006.49$10,948.34
David EastmanHouse 10R$33,384.43$7,637.00$14,897.37$18,487.06
Monica Lynn Stein-OlsonHouse 10D$9,347.03$1,375.00$2,725.30$6,621.73
Patricia Faye-BrazelHouse 10NP (Pending)$0.00$0.00$148.34$574.59
DeLena M JohnsonHouse 11R$13,745.09$80.22$6,474.82$7,319.28
Alex FettaHouse 11R$1,313.81$1,028.81$1,313.81$0.00
Andrea HackbarthHouse 11D$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Cathy L. TiltonHouse 12R$18,047.00$3,850.00$4,402.83$15,144.17
Sharon JacksonHouse 13R$28,730.01$1,750.00$15,879.42$12,850.59
Ken McCartyHouse 13R$2,825.00$2,825.00$2,488.60$336.40
James Allen Canitz, SrHouse 13D$10,300.00$300.00$454.30-$154.30
Kelly MerrickHouse 14R$37,445.20$2,676.40$8,815.61$33,142.05
Mike RisingerHouse 14NA (Pending)$1,910.02$100.01$883.26$1,026.76
Bruce BattenHouse 14D$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Roger BransonHouse 14U (Pending)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Gabby LeDouxHouse 15R$65,644.00$4,700.00$41,836.66$23,807.34
Lyn FranksHouse 15D$16,608.50$745.29$10,643.52$6,182.68
David NelsonHouse 15R$7,358.00$2,700.00$8,993.10-$1,635.10
Rick PhillipsHouse 15D$3,110.00$1,720.00$2,432.72$677.28
Patrick McCormackHouse 15D$1,241.87$134.92$1,241.87$279.51
Ivy A SpohnholzHouse 16D$39,165.00$20,385.00$13,882.70$25,610.10
Scott A KohlhaasHouse 16L$1,600.00$600.00$653.90$946.10
Paul BauerHouse 16R$384.90$138.54$384.90$0.00
David WalkerHouse 16R$5,000.00$0.00$0.00$5,000.00
Andy JosephsonHouse 17D$18,957.41$1,190.00$5,285.23$16,230.31
Harriet A. DrummondHouse 18D$10,480.00$55.00$3,291.13$12,188.87
Geran TarrHouse 19D$8,010.45$0.00$2,844.91$5,165.54
William Z "Zack" FieldsHouse 20D$1,250.00$1,250.00$802.13$9,882.67
Matt ClamanHouse 21D$72,695.08$9,905.00$18,565.09$56,612.83
Lynette LargentHouse 21R$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Stephen TrimbleHouse 22NA (Pending)$21,120.86$1,225.46$17,118.29$4,002.57
Sara RasmussenHouse 22R$60,394.00$4,334.00$11,264.48$49,129.52
David NeesHouse 22AI$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Kathy HensleeHouse 23R$13,280.01$4,600.00$6,493.27$6,786.74
Connie DoughertyHouse 23R$9,462.49$5,041.00$3,899.20$5,624.62
Chris TuckHouse 23D$9,552.93$10.82$2,511.07$7,041.86
Timothy R. HuitHouse 23AI$551.02$175.00$551.02$0.00
Chuck KoppHouse 24R$68,958.68$12,820.00$53,554.99$16,430.05
Tom McKayHouse 24R$36,614.70$12,841.00$26,335.19$10,284.51
Gloria Susan LeviHouse 24D$1,612.29$1,612.29$20.00$1,592.29
Calvin SchrageHouse 25NP-D$46,900.35$9,177.34$29,688.30$17,212.05
Janice L ParkHouse 25D$29,835.86$1,908.80$20,641.25$9,530.91
Mel GillisHouse 25R$63,242.49$2,457.50$15,671.31$47,571.18
Laddie ShawHouse 26R$29,845.28$1.41$1,750.30$33,094.98
Liz SnyderHouse 27D$121,071.20$6,203.27$64,048.93$61,235.60
Lance PruittHouse 27R$21,428.07$4,071.58$3,650.06$18,323.31
Jennifer JohnstonHouse 28R$43,802.18$5,625.00$19,274.14$29,528.04
James KaufmanHouse 28R$30,913.13$10,191.00$12,790.06$18,123.07
Adam S. LeesHouse 28D$2,338.00$401.00$1,461.41$876.59
Benjamin FletcherHouse 28NA (Certified)$50.00$50.00$801.62-$751.62
Ross P. BielingHouse 28NA (Pending)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
L. Adolph GarciaHouse 28NA (Certified)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Paul D. DaleHouse 29NP (Certified)$20,145.00$2,650.00$16,708.00$3,437.00
Ben CarpenterHouse 29R$6,159.55$2,625.00$534.94$6,154.98
Gary KnoppHouse 30R$36,079.66$11,549.00$23,391.13$17,688.53
Ronald Dale GillhamHouse 30R$15,976.00$5,876.00$14,335.65$3,559.55
James BaisdenHouse 30NA (Certified)$11,265.86$900.00$6,447.75$4,818.11
Kelly WolfHouse 30R$1,899.70$1,299.70$2,922.57-$1,022.87
Kelly CooperHouse 31NA (Certified)$59,424.93$12,638.17$33,035.32$26,389.61
Sarah L. VanceHouse 31R$40,821.60$3,175.00$6,312.36$34,509.24
Louise B StutesHouse 32R$15,518.33$500.00$1,179.16$14,339.17
Sara HannanHouse 33D$12,834.48$25.00$2,767.25$13,274.94
Andi StoryHouse 34D$35,242.04$3,050.00$6,929.13$28,312.91
Edward KingHouse 34NP (Certified)$851.79$851.79$105.04$746.75
Jonathan Kreiss-TomkinsHouse 35D$49,385.09$11,680.00$16,147.08$34,933.73
Kenny SkaflestadHouse 35R$800.00$800.00$0.00$800.00
Arthur S MartinHouse 35R$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Dan OrtizHouse 36U (Certified)$33,255.85$9,658.20$23,269.53$12,486.32
Leslie BeckerHouse 36R$40,787.08$5,375.00$16,394.24$21,838.34
Bryce EdgmonHouse 37U-D$14,805.00$500.00$168.30$19,278.00
Tiffany ZulkoskyHouse 38D$11,500.00$2,800.00$388.51$16,111.49
Neal FosterHouse 39D$6,258.00$1,408.00$11,166.88$91.12
Dan HolmesHouse 39R$1,325.00$1,325.00$525.43$1,030.28
Tyler L IvanoffHouse 39D$49.00$49.00$0.00$49.00
Elizabeth FergusonHouse 40D$16,280.80$1,720.80$8,147.32$7,560.46
Ely G CyrusHouse 40NA (Withdrawan)$2,315.55$0.00$1,772.35$543.20
Josiah Aullaqsruaq PatkotakHouse 40NA (Pending)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Marna SanfordSenate BNA (Certified)$48,031.71$10,053.02$22,667.98$25,363.73
John CoghillSenate BR$46,950.96$15,365.97$13,168.19$32,867.74
Robert H Myers JrSenate BR$6,849.95$2,390.00$5,712.69$1,137.26
Evan A EadsSenate BNA (Certified)$7,269.60$6,570.00$5,572.69$1,696.91
David S. WilsonSenate DR$18,783.45$3,440.00$13,198.96$10,593.14
Dan MayfieldSenate DNP (Certified)$21,653.32$2,002.00$8,706.11$15,272.03
Bernadette “Bee” RuprightSenate DR$5,445.00$2,025.00$3,925.46$1,519.54
Loy Thurman "Santa"Senate DR$3,986.29$1,140.00$3,453.98$532.31
Stephen WrightSenate DR$5,196.78$1,347.00$3,207.57$2,046.99
Huhnkie LeeSenate DR$815.00$240.00$1,471.50-$656.50
Chandra McCain-FinchSenate DR$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Shelley HughesSenate FR$26,119.33$1,370.86$4,229.57$21,889.76
Gavin ChristiansenSenate FL (Pending)$820.00$0.00$704.00$116.00
Stephany JeffersSenate FU-D$0.16$0.08$100.00$1,911.93
Bill WielechowskiSenate HD$31,047.72$7,685.28$8,769.36$22,278.36
Madeleine GaiserSenate HR$7,635.00$1,250.00$2,998.56$4,636.44
Tom BegichSenate JD$45,239.92$4,366.11$18,190.62$27,054.37
Natasha Von ImhofSenate LR$113,033.87$9,100.00$13,199.57$99,834.30
Jeff LandfieldSenate LNA (Certified)$14,100.00$3,450.00$6,984.99$7,115.01
Roselynn CacySenate LD$5,618.57$229.57$1,493.57$5,788.89
Stephen J. DuplantisSenate LR$1,932.00$162.00$1,159.16$772.84
Josh RevakSenate MR$81,207.00$6,100.00$52,617.10$32,655.52
Andy HollemanSenate MNA (Pending)$8,680.00$2,325.00$9,491.95$4,188.05
Ray MetcalfeSenate MR$2,120.00$2,120.00$50.00$2,070.00
Anita ThorneSenate MD$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Harold BorbridgeSenate MR$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Cathy GiesselSenate NR$105,885.76$28,022.48$42,946.33$72,938.88
Roger HollandSenate NR$40,868.62$13,964.42$34,767.74$6,100.88
Carl JohnsonSenate ND$15,620.00$1,825.00$6,522.11$9,097.89
Carolyn "Care" CliftSenate NU (Certified)$9,772.08$50.00$3,930.94$6,678.38
Lynette Moreno HinzSenate ND$1,053.43$98.94$2,513.14-$1,459.71
Gary StevensSenate PR$16,900.00$2,900.00$6,470.33$13,429.67
John Robert CoxSenate PR$3,085.00$470.00$2,144.15$940.85
Dr Greg MaddenSenate PAI$400.00$0.00$249.90$153.92
Dr Greg MaddenSenate PAI$400.00$400.00$0.00$403.82
Bert StedmanSenate RR$20,050.00$10,150.00$16,982.70$3,864.74
Bert StedmanSenate RR$9,900.00$4,450.00$6,543.39$4,154.05
Michael D. SheldonSenate RR$6,095.00$710.00$5,021.81$1,143.74
Michael D. SheldonSenate RR$5,485.00$5,385.00$2,578.45$2,906.55
Thomas Ikaaq BakerSenate TR$2,357.00$2,357.00$1,822.74$534.26
Calvin Donald Moto IISenate TR$1,215.00$1,215.00$1,000.00$215.00
Donny OlsonSenate TD$9,200.00$1,000.00$110.00$10,735.55

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