New poll shows Gross up by one, Trump up by three in Alaska

Another polling memo hit our inboxes over the weekend, this time showing Democrat-backed independent Al Gross with a one-point lead over incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan while Trump holds a three-point lead over Democrat Joe Biden.

The polling was conducted by Patinkin Research Strategies, which has been polling in Alaska throughout this cycle, with 600 likely voters between Sept. 30 and Oct. 4 and a self-reported margin of error of 4%. The polling gives Gross 46% of the vote with an additional 1% leaning in his favor while Sullivan got 44% of the vote with an additional 2% leaning in his favor.

The polling came soon after the release of recordings made with Pebble Mine executives bragging about having sway over Alaska’s elected leaders, including how Sullivan was “off in a corner” when it came to opposing the mine. Sullivan has since outlined opposition to the mine.

Polling showing Al Gross with 47%, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan with 46%, 2% supporting other candidates and 5% undecided.

The polling is in line with some other recent polls in Alaska, which have also shown Gross holding a slight edge on the race in its final stretch. However, a poll conducted by the New York Times/Sienna College showed a far larger gap in the race thanks to strong performances by Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgenson (8%) and Alaska Independence senate candidate John Howe (10%).

The Patinkin Research Strategies polling memo lists the other candidates as “someone else,” garnering 3% in the presidential race and 2% in the senate race.

Polling showing Trump with 49%, Biden with 46%, 3% support for someone else and 2% undecided

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  1. Yes, gross me out should remember Hil Liar Y’s poll….

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