Murkowski: ‘It is time to begin the full and formal transition process’

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski addresses the Alaska Legislature on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020. (Photo by Alaska Senate Majority/Flickr)

Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined a small number of Republican elected officials to recognize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and call for an orderly transition to his new administration.

Murkowski made the comments on Sunday, moments after the president’s legal team disavowed conspiracy-toting attorney Sidney Powell but continued with its efforts both legal and political to undo the election and poison the public’s confidence in it.

In addition to court cases attempting to bar the certification of elections and throw out Biden votes, the Trump team has turned to pressuring state legislatures to bypass the election results and award Trump their electors. Michigan Republicans rejected such an attempt.

“As the states wrap up the 2020 election and certify the results, it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that we respect the integrity of the election process and uphold Americans’ faith in our electoral system,” she said in a statement. “Each state has worked to ensure a free and fair elections process. President Trump has had the opportunity to litigate his claims, and the courts have thus far found them without merit. A pressure campaign to influence the electoral outcome is not only unprecedented but inconsistent with our democratic process. It is time to begin the full and formal transition process.”

It’s not the first time Murkowski has leveled criticism at the Trump administration’s conduct over the last four years, but like those previous criticisms this comes with no promise of further action against the president.

Most elected Republicans have wavered somewhere between full support for Trump’s actions to standing back and saying that the legal challenges should be allowed to play out. Alaska U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan is in the latter group, telling the Anchorage Daily News earlier this month that he supported allowing the legal challenges to play out.

Sullivan suggested the election challenges—which have included claims that, as the AP Fact check team summarized, “the U.S. election was manipulated by scheming from a dead Venezuelan strongman, by a computer system capable of flipping Trump votes to Joe Biden ones across the country, and by something weird happening in Germany”—even be good for healing the divisions in the country.

“They are based on the process according to the Constitution running its course,” he said.

Alaska U.S. Rep. Don Young recognized Biden as president-elect the weekend after the election, saying in a prepared statement that “It is time to put the election behind us, and come together to work for a better tomorrow for our nation.”

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3 Comments on "Murkowski: ‘It is time to begin the full and formal transition process’"

  1. Very typical of Murkowski, to reluctantly state the obvious, to take a position when it won’t affect the outcome and only take that position after the votes have been counted. She is everything that the Pebble Tapes revealed and nothing more.

  2. More of the same:

    Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein has listed 21 Republican senators who he says have ‘privately expressed’ their ‘extreme contempt’ for Donald Trump. Bernstein called out Trump in a series of tweets on Sunday and named the 21 GOP senators who have expressed disdain for ‘his fitness to be President of the United States’. ‘Many if not most of these individuals, from what I have been told, were happy to see Donald Trump defeated in this election as long as the Senate could be controlled by the Republicans,’ Bernstein said during an appearance on CNN. The tweet, which garnered 37,600 likes, read: ‘I’m not violating any pledge of journalistic confidentially in reporting this: 21 Republican Sens–in convos w/ colleagues, staff members, lobbyists, W. House aides–have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump and his fitness to be POTUS. (1/3)’ He continued: ‘The 21 GOP Senators who have privately expressed their disdain for Trump are: Portman, Alexander, Sasse, Blunt, Collins, Murkowski, Cornyn, Thune, Romney, Braun, Young, Tim Scott, Rick Scott, Rubio, Grassley, Burr, Toomey, McSally, Moran, Roberts, Shelby.

    One thing I will say, democrats usually stick together no matter what……

  3. Rasmussen Poll: Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump

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