Dunleavy really wanted to support that lawsuit to overturn the election, there just wasn’t enough time

Gov. Mike Dunleavy. (Photo by Matt Buxton/TMS)

Alaska is not among the states backing Texas’ meritless and undemocratic lawsuit seeking to overturn the results of the presidential election and hand President Donald Trump an unearned second term in office, but Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy wants everyone to know that he would have really, really liked to be a part of it.

The problem? They didn’t give Alaska enough time, Dunleavy claims in a Facebook post.

“This gave us very little time to review and analyze the complaint. I, along with Attorney General Ed Sniffen and his staff, worked quickly to try to understand the merits and intended outcome of the case. Before we could make a decision, the short deadline to join the case had passed,” he wrote. “As governor of Alaska, I have an obligation to thoroughly understand the facts at hand before committing to such a suit. I’ll be the first to admit that I was disappointed that we didn’t have enough time to thoroughly review the details. Had this not been the case, we may have come to a different decision.”

It’s not the answer that pretty much anyone wanted to hear.

To many, it’s just the latest case where Dunleavy put his allegiance to Trump first in another embarrassingly obsequious display. To many others, it’s yet another case where Dunleavy has come up short of his promise to “Stand Tall” and deliver on everything from unflinching support for Trump to mega-sized dividends.

“If you need that much time to review the details,” wrote one commentor, “then you just weren’t paying attention and are a huge disappointment!!! States were joining in at the last minute, YOU NEED TO DO BETTER!”

“Seems there is A LOT about being a Gov. You don’t understand Mike …. You said you’d stand tall with / for Alaska now it seems all you do is bend over for Democrats that want to take a crack @ you,” wrote another.

In a similarly disappointing to all sides comment, Dunleavy appeared on a conservative podcast with Must Read Alaska’s Suzanne Downing and short-time Commissioner of Administration/liar John Quick where he said there’s an “outside chance” that Biden won the election.

“I’m just saying that I’m not there yet,” Dunleavy said. “But in the outside chance — and I’d like to word it that way — that there is a new administration, we will set up a relationship with that new administration and do the best we can to work with them.”

Oh, and as for apparent impossibility of joining the Texas court case on the short time frame: Six states motioned to move from amicus briefs to parties in the lawsuit and Ohio filed its own amicus brief… but in opposition to Texas’ claims.

“The relief that Texas seeks would undermine a foundational premise of our federalist system: the idea that the States are sovereigns, free to govern themselves,” wrote Ohio Attorney General in his brief, later adding: “The courts have no more business ordering the People’s representatives how to choose electors than they do ordering the People themselves how to choose their dinners.”

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