Reinbold, Eastman and five other AK Republicans file brief backing lawsuit to overturn election

Then-Rep. Lora Reinbold laughs after calling House Speaker Bryce Edgmon "Speaker Harris" during the House floor debate on March 22, 2018 while Rep. David Eastman looks on. On Dec. 10, 2020 they'd get top billing on a legal filing backing a meritless lawsuit aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election. (Gavel Alaska)

Seven right-wing Alaska legislators joined a filing supporting Texas’ meritless efforts to throw out the election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, citing a Democratic “cabal and oligarchy” that conspired to undermine the election in each state.

The amicus brief was signed by Sen. Lora Reinbold, Reps. David Eastman and George Rauscher as well as Reps.-elect Ron Gillham, Christopher Kurka, Kevin McCabe and Tom McKay and alleges “an elite group of sitting Democrat officers in each of the defendant states coordinated with the Democrat party to subvert the Presidential Election.”

(Georgia’s elections are run by Republicans.)

The filing calls for a “full and fair trial of this actual case and controversy,” something the United States Supreme Court does not do, and to grant Texas’ request to hand over the election to Trump. In Alaska, other Republican legislators have voiced support for the case and Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy has signaled his support but claimed—erroneously—that it was too late for them to join.

As an amicus brief, the seven Alaska legislators and legislators-elect aren’t seeking to join the lawsuit but offer their support to the cause. They’re also joined by 14 Arizona legislators, 19 Idaho legislators and Idaho’s Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. Eastman and Reinbold, who’ve both ranked as the worst legislators in our crowd-sourced legislator rankings, get top billing along with McGeachin in the filing.

The filing doesn’t provide any additional evidence attempting to back Texas’ claims of widespread voter fraud, but includes several verbose lines about the end of the Republic at the hands of an elite group of Democrats (again, Georgia was run by Republicans).

“When an elite minority are alleged to conspire to impose their will on a majority, as Texas and its allies in this case allege, there is quite frankly no residual trace of a Republican, but only a fraud, a deception of epic proportions which defies the imagination, the pretense of an election where there was only computerized, mechanized manipulation,” they write.  

The amicus brief followed shortly after a group of 106 U.S. representatives filed a similar brief backing the Texas’ lawsuit seeking to invalidate the elections in four other states.

That group of congressional lawmakers did not include U.S. Rep. Don Young, who was among the first Republicans to recognize President-elect Biden’s win and said “It is time to put the election behind us.”

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  1. The legislators and legislators-elect who supported Trump’s coup attempt to the end ethically are obligated to confess their profound failure to all Americans and immediately resign their posts and accept no further responsibility for the common good in politics, business, or any other area. As lifetime Alaskans, our family is profoundly shamed by those who have abandoned Democracy and sought to disenfranchise all but the wealthy from the electoral process.

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