With considerably more votes counted, Dunbar and progressives hold onto the lead

Anchorage. (Photo by Matt Buxton/TMS)

Anchorage election workers have added more than 31,000 ballots to the tally today, bringing the total votes counted to 41,826 or about 72% of the ballots that officials had in hand on Tuesday night.

Leads held by Anchorage Assemblymember and mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar and other progressive candidates and causes held today, though in some cases they remain narrow. It’s unclear how many ballots remain to be counted, but the city will count ballots postmarked by or on election day as long as they are received by April 16 and April 20 for overseas voters.

In the mayoral race, it appears certain that Dunbar is set for a May 11 run-off contest with extreme-right candidate Dave Bronson. With Dunbar receiving 13,711 votes (32.7%) and Bronson receiving 12,986 votes (31%) neither is near the votes needed to clear the 45% needed to secure the seat on the first vote and will likely head to a run-off. Other significant vote-getters include the moderate progressive Bill Falsey who got 5,312 votes (12.7%), conservative Bill Evans with 3,871 votes (9.2%), far-right Mike Robbins with 3,097 votes (7.4%) and moderate progressive George Martinez with 1,272 votes (3%).

Together, the three leading progressive candidates would just top the three leading conservative candidates with 20,295 votes (48.5%) to 19,954 (47.7%).

In other key races, voters in Assembly District 4 are rejecting the recall of Assembly Chairman Felix Rivera by a wide 16-point margin with 58% of voters against the recall and 42% voting in favor of the recall. Anchorage voters also appear likely to support a bond measure that would pay for body cameras and the associated systems by a 10-point margin 54.8% to 45.2%. Progressive candidates in the race for the Anchorage School Board are all currently leading with varying margins on other candidates.

Find the full results from today here.

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