Recount confirms Kelly Lessens’ victory in Anchorage School Board race

The livestream view from the Anchorage election central during Monday's recount.

The automatic recount in the race for Anchorage School Board Seat B wrapped up on Monday night, confirming the victory of progressive candidate Kelly Lessens over extreme-right conservative candidate Judy Eledge.

The recount is required by municipal code because the results of the April 6 election finished within a .5% margin. The recount shifted the final tally by a net of four votes, far from enough to change the roughly 225-vote margin heading into the night.

According to results provided to The Midnight Sun, the final tally is as follows (and the change):

Lessens: 25,349 (+0)
Eledge: 25,125 (+4)
Stewart: 7,452 (+1)
Cox: 7,444 (-1)

“Thanks to the careful attention of election officials and campaign observers, today’s tally ended with a final margin of 224 votes in my campaign’s favor,” Lessens wrote on Facebook. “I am grateful for the support and enthusiasm I’ve received from so many people over the course of this race and look forward to serving on the Anchorage School Board after being sworn in on Monday, May 3.”

Kelly Lessens.

The recounts continue today with a recount scheduled for School Board Seat E today. There, progressive candidate Pat Higgins’ lead over the crowded field is outside the margin for the automatic recount, but was called by the clerks anyways because it “may increase voter confidence in the election process.”

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