The Good, The Bad, and The, wait, Who? The Midnight Sun’s 2021 legislator rankings

Art by Pat Race/Alaska Robotics for The Midnight Sun.

The session may not be quite over, but we’re over it. So, let’s have some fun!

Welcome to the latest round of The Midnight Sun’s 100% accurate, unbiased and guaranteed rankings of the folks who’ve spent the last 150 days and change entertaining us, frustrating us, infuriating us and, on occasion, inspiring us (just one occasion, though). This ranking was put together with the input from 207 folks who took the time to respond to our survey (A new record! Turns out it helps to promote the survey more than once). So, if you’ve got a problem with the ratings, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

Once again, the top and the bottom of this survey look familiar. Rep. Bryce Edgmon, I-Dillingham, remains atop the rankings while Eagle River Republican Sen. Lora Reinbold is at the bottom. Reinbold put in the work this session with plenty of mask antics, bizarre covid conspiracies, a healthy dose of victimhood and an ever-loosening grasp of the Supreme Law of the Land. She’s put some significant distance between herself and Eastman, who had held the title of “The Bad” up until last year. Of the 207 respondents, only eight skipped her.

At least Eastman and Reinbold have some new company at the bottom of the list with five new faces plummeting right to the bottom in their debut. Things are getting a little more partisan, too. The only Republican to break into the top of the pack is Sitka Republican Sen. Bert Stedman.

This year, we also took a look at the most improved legislators. The most improved goes to Kodiak Republican Rep. Louise Stutes, whose ascension to House Speaker was enough to boost her up a whopping 18 places to… 18th. Positions of power do a person good and Legislative Council Chair Rep. Sara Hannan saw her ranking leap up 17 places to 11th. Honorable mention for Sen. David Wilson, R-Wasilla, who started out at 59 in our inaugural ranking and now sits at a respectable 38 (he gained 10 spots this year).

Dropping a lot of spots are Sen. Natasha von Imhof and Rep. Zack Fields, who both tumbled 15 places.

The who-est of legislators comes from the trio of Mc-representatives elected this year, going to the quietest guy of the bunch: Rep. Tom “I’m not Kevin or Ken” McKay.

Anyways! A sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. This year’s suggested nicknames were a significant improvement over last year. I’ll give y’all a solid 7/10 this year.

Have the most excellent of solstice weekends.

1. Rep. Bryce Edgmon

Overall rating: 4.07
Intelligence: 4.2 
Ethics: 3.9 
Effectiveness: 4.1
Nicknames: “Edge Man,” “B-Money,” “Bryce Rocket”

2. Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Overall rating: 3.91
Intelligence: 4.3 
Ethics: 3.9 
Effectiveness: 3.5
Nicknames: “I quit Yale for this?” “The Sitka Slammer,” “Notorious JKT,” “Mr. Short Shorts,” “Mr. I’m the other half to that guy who looks somewhat like me”

3. Sen. Jesse Kiehl 

Overall rating: 3.89
Intelligence: 4.2 
Ethics: 4.1 
Effectiveness: 3.4
Nicknames: “The Real Deal,” “Juneau Jesse,” “Jesse the Ace,” “I knew if I stuck around long enough, I’d get this job”

4. Rep. Ivy Spohnholz 

Overall rating: 3.85
Intelligence: 4.1 
Ethics: 3.8 
Effectiveness: 3.6
Nicknames: “Poison Ivy,” “Alternative Timeline Speaker Spohnholz,” “Ms. It Needs to Pencil Out”

5. Rep. Andy Josephson

Overall rating: 3.84
Intelligence: 4.2 
Ethics: 4 
Effectiveness: 3.3
Nicknames: “Counselor,” “Uncle Andy,” “Do I make you Andy, Baby? DO I?”

6. Sen. Tom Begich 

Overall rating: 3.84
Intelligence: 4 
Ethics: 3.9 
Effectiveness: 3.6
Nicknames: “The Average B,” “The Guitar Man,” “At Least He’s Not Mark,” “I Ain’t My Brother,” “The Other Begich,” “The Most Recent Begich”

7. Rep. Matt Claman 

Overall rating: 3.83
Intelligence: 4.1 
Ethics: 3.9 
Effectiveness: 3.5
Nicknames: “Point of Order,” “Birkenstocks with Socks,” “The Professor,” “The Knife”

8. Sen. Bert Stedman 

Overall rating: 3.82
Intelligence: 4 
Ethics: 3.5 
Effectiveness: 4
Nicknames: “The Bank,” “Mr. Peanut,” “Ferryman,” “The Bert Locker,” “Not Bad for a Republican,” “Senator Cranky,” “Steadyman,” “The Codfather”

9. Rep. Tiffany Zulkosky 

Overall rating: 3.77
Intelligence: 3.9 
Ethics: 3.9 
Effectiveness: 3.5
Nicknames: “Future Governor,” “St. Tiffany”

10. Sen. Bill Wielechowski 

Overall rating: 3.76
Intelligence: 4.3 
Ethics: 3.8 
Effectiveness: 3.3
Nicknames: “Governor,” “Mr. PFD,” “Dollar Bill,” “Money isn’t Realechowski,” “The Last True PFD OG,” “Bill Will”

The Bad

60. Sen. Lora Reinbold 

R-Eagle River 
Overall rating: 1.26
Intelligence: 1.3 
Ethics: 1.3 
Effectiveness: 1.2
Nicknames: “Qaren,” “No Fly Reinbold,” “Low-Ra,” “Loopy Lora,” “Qora Rightbold,” “Dumpster Diva,” “La La La Lora,” “Lora Whinebold,” “There should be a level below bottom of the barrel,” “Marjorie Taylor Greene,” “Reinbored,” “Landbound Lora,” “The Mask,” “Abh-ora Nein-bold,” “The Toxic Masked Avenger,” “The Lone Ranger,” “@#&$%”

59. Rep. David Eastman 

Overall rating: 1.53
Intelligence: 2 
Ethics: 1.5 
Effectiveness: 1.2
Nicknames: “Alaskan Proud Boy,” “Make Wasilla Great Again,” “LEastman,” “NEastman,” “Wreck-It-Ralph,” “No, No, No”

58. Rep. Christopher Kurka 

Overall rating: 1.59
Intelligence: 1.7 
Ethics: 1.7 
Effectiveness: 1.5
Nicknames: “Not Quite Eastman,” “Eastman Jr.,” “The Annoying Little Brother,” “Jurka,” “Berzurka,”

57. Sen. Mike Shower

Overall rating: 1.69
Intelligence: 1.7 
Ethics: 1.7 
Effectiveness: 1.7
Nicknames: “The Vote Suppressor,” “Dozer,” “When the going gets tough, I always use my real job as an excuse to get out of Juneau,” “Don Quixote,” “No Power Shower,” “Sly Dog,” “Bully Fly Boy,” “Mike ain’t Ike,” “Cold Shower

56. Rep. Ben Carpenter 

Overall rating: 1.75
Intelligence: 1.9 
Ethics: 1.8 
Effectiveness: 1.6
Nicknames: “Bad Ben,” “The Pro-Life Peonie,” “Ding-Dong,” “Adolph Jr.,” “Not-so-gentle Ben,” “Herr Carpenter”

55. Rep. Sarah Vance 

Overall rating: 1.75
Intelligence: 1.8 
Ethics: 1.9 
Effectiveness: 1.6
Nicknames: “Representative Karen,” “Rep. Umbridge,” “AdVance Warning,” “Representative Can’t AdVance”

54. Rep. Ron Gillham 

Overall rating: 1.87
Intelligence: 1.8 
Ethics: 2.1 
Effectiveness: 1.7
Nicknames: “Who?” “Mr. Who?” “No Relation to Bob Gillam,” “The Rifleman”

53. Rep. Kevin McCabe 

R-Big Lake 
Overall rating: 1.96
Intelligence: 2.1 
Ethics: 2 
Effectiveness: 1.9
Nicknames: “Who?” “McCaucus,” “The Potato,” “Poor Man’s Tammie Wilson,” “Boss Flog”

52. Rep. Mike Prax 

R-North Pole 
Overall rating: 2.02
Intelligence: 2 
Ethics: 2.3 
Effectiveness: 1.7
Nicknames: “Who?” “Most Likely to be the Villain from Toy Story,” “Impraxtical,” “Eddie Munster Grew Up”

51. Rep. Mike Cronk 

Overall rating: 2.1
Intelligence: 2.2 
Ethics: 2.2 
Effectiveness: 1.9
Nicknames: “Cronk the Crank,” “Cronka-Donk,” “Cronkski,” “Gronk”

And The, wait, WHO?

No nicknames for these guys. They’re all pretty much just some variation of “Who?”

Rep. Tom McKay 

Overall rating: 2.11
Intelligence: 2.2 
Ethics: 2.2 
Effectiveness: 2

Rep. James Kaufman 

Overall rating: 2.3
Intelligence: 2.5 
Ethics: 2.4 
Effectiveness: 2

Rep. David Nelson 

Overall rating: 2.29
Intelligence: 2.3 
Ethics: 2.6 
Effectiveness: 2.1

Rep. Ken McCarty 

R-Eagle River 
Overall rating: 2.26
Intelligence: 2.3 
Ethics: 2.4 
Effectiveness: 2.1

Rep. Calvin Schrage 

Overall rating: 3.22
Intelligence: 3.4 
Ethics: 3.4 
Effectiveness: 2.9

And the full rankings

Rep. Bryce Edgmon37-DillinghamI4.0674.23.944.06680
Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins35-SitkaD3.9134.343.943.466701
Sen. Jesse KiehlQ-JuneauD3.8934.154.143.394902
Rep. Ivy Spohnholz16-AnchorageD3.8474.143.833.5759-02
Rep. Andy Josephson17-AnchorageD3.8434.174.033.336703
Sen. Tom BegichJ-AnchorageD3.8374.013.863.643004
Rep. Matt Claman21-AnchorageD3.8274.113.913.4665-01
Sen. Bert StedmanR-SitkaR3.824.043.473.9539-04
Rep. Tiffany Zulkosky38-BethelD3.773.933.913.478203
Sen. Bill WielechowskiH-AnchorageD3.7634.263.773.262401
Rep. Sara Hannan33-JuneauD3.7573.913.963.47817
Sen. Gary StevensP-KodiakR3.6633.813.693.494302
Sen. Elvi Gray-JacksonI-AnchorageD3.6473.773.953.223308
Rep. Liz Snyder27-AnchorageD3.6433.933.833.1767New
Rep. Dan Ortiz36-KetchikanI3.613.73.813.328407
Rep. Neal Foster39-NomeD3.613.683.413.747803
Sen. Click BishopC-FairbanksR3.6073.593.643.5938-04
Rep. Louise Stutes32-KodiakR3.5433.523.473.646218
Sen. Scott KawasakiA-FairbanksD3.5133.823.693.032701
Rep. Andi Story34-JuneauD3.483.543.863.048609
Rep. Grier Hopkins04-FairbanksD3.4533.533.713.126902
Rep. Harriet Drummond18-AnchorageD3.413.443.733.066303
Rep. Adam Wool05-FairbanksD3.4033.563.313.346312
Sen. Natasha von ImhofL-AnchorageR3.43.873.023.3137-15
Sen. Lyman HoffmanS-BethelD3.3573.582.83.6951-10
Rep. Chris Tuck23-AnchorageD3.243.353.073.36711
Rep. Calvin Schrage25-AnchorageI3.223.363.432.8790New
Sen. Donny OlsonT-GolovinD3.1733.512.963.054803
Rep. Josiah Patkotak40-UtqiaġvikI3.1173.213.013.1385New
Rep. Bart LeBon01-FairbanksR3.0973.253.132.916803
Rep. Zack Fields20-AnchorageD3.0333.392.872.8464-15
Rep. Kelly Merrick14-Eagle RiverR2.993.062.843.077309
Rep. Steve Thompson02-FairbanksR2.943.012.862.9575-06
Rep. Geran Tarr19-AnchorageD2.9333.193.082.5360-04
Sen. Peter MiccicheO-SoldotnaR2.6573.042.112.823103
Sen. Josh RevakM-AnchorageR2.6072.622.622.584108
Rep. Laddie Shaw26-AnchorageR2.5832.762.682.316202
Rep. Sara Rasmussen22-AnchorageR2.5772.582.512.646510
Sen. David WilsonD-WasillaR2.5772.72.52.534110
Rep. Cathy Tilton12-WasillaR2.4332.442.472.396806
Sen. Robert MyersB-North PoleR2.422.392.692.1884New
Rep. DeLena Johnson11-PalmerR2.3372.352.52.167201
Sen. Shelley HughesF-PalmerR2.312.312.292.333308
Rep. James Kaufman28-AnchorageR2.3032.512.421.9899New
Rep. David Nelson15-AnchorageR2.292.252.562.0698New
Rep. Ken McCarty13-Eagle RiverR2.2572.332.352.0991New
Sen. Roger HollandN-AnchorageR2.252.232.442.0871New
Sen. Mia CostelloK-AnchorageR2.2372.462.132.1241-03
Rep. George Rauscher09-PalmerR2.132.112.331.957501
Rep. Tom McKay24-AnchorageR2.
Rep. Mike Cronk06-TokR2.
Rep. Mike Prax03-North PoleR2.0232.022.331.7273-05
Rep. Kevin McCabe08-Big LakeR1.962.081.951.8584New
Rep. Ron Gillham30-SoldotnaR1.871.842.051.7294New
Rep. Ben Carpenter29-NikiskiR1.7531.871.81.597103
Rep. Sarah Vance31-HomerR1.7531.751.91.617101
Sen. Mike ShowerE-WasillaR1.691.711.71.6627-02
Rep. Christopher Kurka07-WasillaR1.5931.651.661.4773New
Rep. David Eastman10-WasillaR1.531.951.461.18310
Sen. Lora ReinboldG-Eagle RiverR1.2631.31.311.1880

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