‘Please tell the president he has nothing to worry about.’ Dunleavy bows to Trump for endorsement.

Alaska Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy meets with President Donald Trump on June 26, 2019. The meeting set in motion a swift shift in course for the federal government on the controversial Pebble Mine project. Later investigations found Dunleavy had worked with Pebble Mine officials to lobby the president. (Official White House Photo by Sheila Craighead)

As the late U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens once said, “To hell with politics, just do what’s right for Alaska.”

And judging by how much Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s budget relies on bringing home hundreds of millions of dollars in federal money, you would think that he would have got the message. But apparently that’s not the case when it comes to winning an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, we got news that Dunleavy accepted the former president’s endorsement that was quite literally conditioned on him not endorsing U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her re-election race against far-right Republican Kelly Tshibaka.

“He has my Complete and Total Endorsement but, this endorsement is subject to his non-endorsement of Senator Lisa Murkowski who has been very bad for Alaska, including losing ANWAR, perhaps the most important drilling site in the world, and much else,” explained Trump’s initial endorsement that further elaborated on obvious by adding, “In other words, if Mike endorses her, which is his prerogative, my endorsement of him is null and void, and of no further force or effect!”

In a statement that sure looks like it was intended to be a private message to the president but that the president turned around and released anyways, Dunleavy told Trump what he wanted to hear.

“With regard to the other issue, please tell the President he has nothing to worry about,” Dunleavy said in a statement that the Trump office released.

While Dunleavy refusing to endorse the moderate Murkowski isn’t all that much of a surprise, it’s important to note that Dunleavy has benefited from having her in D.C. and negotiating on Alaska’s behalf. Alaska’s entire congressional delegation voted in favor of the federal infrastructure legislation, knowing full well just how critical it was to the state’s economic recovery and well-being. Tshibaka, in her quest to be all things Trump, trashed the bill.

It’s and those dollars combined with other federal relief packages have made it possible for the Dunleavy administration to claim that the budget is balanced, has room for a big dividend and can up spending on a bunch of areas that he had previously cut or ignored just in time for his own election.

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