February 2022

Friday in the Sun (Feb. 25): The It’s Been a While edition

Free-ish speech; the University of Alaska gets a permanent president; Murkowski gets a mostly warm reception in Juneau (which feels like ages ago); While the not-so-warm side of the reception gets on everyone’s nerves; There’s a lot to unpack in some folks’ response to the feds’ reversal on Ambler Mine; Masks go optional in the capitol to much celebration; and Masks go optional in Anchorage schools to much celebration and quite a bit of roasting. 

Restoring Honor: ‘Lawmakers should not be lawbreakers.’

If a lawmaker in a democratic government is willing to subvert and destroy the democratic traditions upon which our society is built, and gives tacit support to domestic terrorist groups, is he or she fit to serve? The members of Restoring Honor, a non-partisan, unaffiliated group of over 1,000 West Point Alumni say, “No.”