State of the Race: Here’s everyone who filed to run for the Alaska Legislature

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It was a surprisingly surprising filing deadline day on Wednesday with some unexpected shakeups in the moments before the 5 p.m. filing deadline. I’ll be unpacking some of the day’s highlights in a post later today, but for now after a morning of hammering out bugs and incorporating feedback (thanks, everyone!) I’ve put together what is hopefully a readable list of everyone who’s filed to run for the Alaska Legislature this year. Find the official list here and the full maps here.

Candidates who won’t continue to the general under the new top-four primary: 1. The only race with five candidates is Fairbanks’ House District 35, which is open.

Candidates running unopposed: 7. Sen. Kiehl and Reps. Story, Carpenter, Prax, Edgmon and Patkotak as well as CJ McCormick.

How to keep track of things

  • * = incumbent
  • ( *) = incumbent who is not running again
  • D=Democrat, R=Republican, U=Undeclared, N=Nonpartisan, AKIND=Alaska Independence Party, L=Libertarian, AKCON=Alaska Constitution Party

Southeast Alaska

* = incumbent, ( *) = incumbent who’s not running again

Senate A—Southeast

  • Bert Stedman* (R)
  • Mike Sheldon (R)

Senate B—Juneau

  • Jesse Kiehl* (D)

House 1-A—Southeast: Ketchikan/Wrangell/Metlakatla

  • Jeremy Bynum (R)
  • Dan Ortiz* (N)
  • Shevaun Meggitt (N)

House 2-A—Southeast: Sitka/Petersburg/Hoonah/Yakutat

House 3-B—Southeast: Juneau/Haines/Skagway

  • Andi Story* (D)

House 4-B—Southeast: Juneau

  • Sara Hannan* (D)
  • Darrell Harmon (U)


* = incumbent, ( *) = incumbent who’s not running again

Senate C—Kodiak/Homer

  • Gary Stevens* (R)
  • Heath Smith (R)
  • Walter Jones (R)

Senate D—Kenai

  • Tuckerman Babcock (R)
  • Jesse Bjorkman (R)
  • Andy Cizek (N)
  • (Peter Micciche*) (R), retiring

House 5-C—Kodiak/Seward/Cordova

  • Louise Stutes* (R)
  • Benjamin Vincent (R)

House 6-C—Kenai: Homer/Anchor Point/Kasilof

  • Sarah Vance* (R)
  • Louie Flora (N)
  • Ginger Bryant (N)

House 7-D—Kenai: Soldotna/Kenai

  • Ron Gillham* (R)
  • Justin Ruffridge (R)

House 8-D—Kenai: Nikiski/Sterling/Hope

  • Ben Carpenter* (R)


* = incumbent, ( *) = incumbent who’s not running again

Senate E—South Anchorage

  • Roselynn Cacy (D)
  • Roger Holland* (R)
  • Cathy Giessel (R)
  • Mark Cox (R)

Senate F—Anchorage Hillside

  • Janice Park (D)
  • James Kaufman (R)

Senate G—Anchorage Midtown

  • Elvi Gray-Jackson* (D)
  • Marcus Sanders (R)

Senate H—Anchorage West

  • (Natasha von Imhof*) (R), retiring
  • Matt Claman (D)
  • Mia Costello* (R)

Senate I—Anchorage Downtown

Senate J—Anchorage Mountain View/U-Med

  • Geran Tarr (D)
  • Forrest Dunbar (D)
  • Drew Cason (D)
  • Andrew Satterfield (R)

Senate K—Anchorage East

  • Bill Wielechowski* (D)
  • John Cunningham (R)

Senate L—Eagle River

House 9-E—Anchorage: South Anchorage/Girdwood/Whittier

  • David Schaff (D)
  • Laddie Shaw* (R)
  • Rick Castillo (R)

House 10-E—Anchorage: South Anchorage/Oceanview

  • Sue Levi (D)
  • Caroline Storm (D)
  • Craig Johnson (R)
  • Mikel Insalaco (L)

House 11-F—Anchorage: Lower Hillside

  • (James Kaufman*) (R), running for Senate
  • Ross Bieling (R)
  • Julie Coulombe (R)
  • Jennifer Sonne (N)
  • Walter Featherly (N)

House 12-F—Anchorage: Abbott

  • Forrest McDonald (R)
  • Calvin Schrage* (N)

House 13-G—Anchorage: Taku/Campbell

  • Andy Josephson* (D)
  • Chris Tuck* (D)
  • Kathy Henslee (R)
  • Timothy Huit (AKIND)

House 14-G—Anchorage: Midtown/Spenard

  • Nicholas Danger (R)
  • Alyse Galvin (N)

House 15-H—Anchorage: Sand Lake

  • Denny Wells (D)
  • Tom McKay* (R)
  • David Eibeck (R)

House 16-H—Anchorage: Turnagain/Sand Lake

  • (Matt Claman*) (D), running for Senate
  • (Sara Rasmussen*) (R), retiring after district got too blue
  • Jennie Armstrong (D)
  • Joel McKinney (R)
  • Liz Vazquez (R)
  • Rick Beckes (AKCON)

House 17-I—Anchorage: Downtown Anchorage

  • Harriet Drummond* (D)
  • Zack Fields* (D)

House 18-I—Anchorage: Government Hill/JBER

  • Lyn Franks (D)
  • Cliff Groh (D)
  • David Nelson* (R)

House 19-J—Anchorage: Mountain View

  • (Geran Tarr*) (D), running for Senate
  • Genevieve Mina (D)
  • Russell Wyatt (D)

House 20-J—Anchorage: U-Med District

  • (Ivy Spohnholz*) (D), retiring
  • Andrew Gray (D)
  • Paul Bauer (R)
  • Jordan Harary (R)
  • Scott Kohlhass (L)

House 21-K—Anchorage: South Muldoon

  • (Liz Snyder*) (D), retiring
  • Donna Mears (D)
  • Forrest Wolfe (R)
  • Peter Knox (N)
  • Ian Sharrock (N)

House 22-K—Anchorage: North Muldoon

  • Ted Eischeid (D)
  • Lisa Simpson (R)
  • Stanley Wright (R)

House 23-L—Anchorage: Eagle River/Chugach State Park

  • (Kelly Merrick*) (R), running for Senate
  • (Ken McCarty*) (R), running for Senate
  • Jamie Allard (R)
  • Roger Branson (R)

House 24-L—Anchorage: North Eagle River/Chugiak

  • Daryl Nelson (D)
  • Sharon Jackson (R)
  • Dan Saddler (R)


* = incumbent, ( *) = incumbent who’s not running again

Senate M—Mat-Su: Palmer

  • Jim Cooper (D)
  • Shelley Hughes* (R)

Senate N—Mat-Su: Wasilla

  • David Wilson* (R)
  • Stephen Wright (R)
  • Scott Clayton (R)

Senate O—Mat-Su: Greater Wasilla

  • Mike Shower* (R)
  • Doug Massie (R)

House 25-M—Mat-Su: Palmer

  • DeLena Johnson* (R)
  • Lawrence Wood (R)

House 26-M—Mat-Su: Wasilla

  • Cathy Tilton* (R)
  • Jessica Reimann (R)
  • Daniel Stokes (L)

House 27-N—Mat-Su: Greater Wasilla

  • (Christopher Kurka*) (R), running for governor
  • David Eastman* (R)
  • Stu Graham (R)
  • Brendan Carpenter (R)

House 28-N—Mat-Su: Wasilla

  • Rachel Allen (R)
  • Jessica Wright (R)
  • Jesse Sumner (R)

House 29-O—Mat-Su: Sutton/Chickaloon/Valdez

  • George Rauscher* (R)
  • Elijah Haase (N)

House 30-O—Mat-Su: Big Lake/MacKenzie/Denali/Talkeetna

  • Joy Mindiola (D)
  • Kevin McCabe* (R)
  • Doyle Holmes (R)
  • Joe Griffin (R)


* = incumbent, ( *) = incumbent who’s not running again

Senate P—Fairbanks City

  • Scott Kawasaki* (D)
  • Jim Matherly (R)
  • Alex Jafre (R)

Senate Q—North Pole

  • Robb Myers* (R)
  • John Bennett (N)
  • Arthur Serkov (AKIND)

Senate R—Fairbanks West/Interior

  • Click Bishop* (R)
  • Elijah Verhagen (R)
  • Bert Williams (AKIND)

House 31-P—Fairbanks: Downtown Fairbanks

  • Maxine Dibert (D)
  • Bart LeBon* (R)
  • Kelly Nash (R)

House 32-P—Fairbanks: Fort Wainwright/Badger Road

  • (Steve Thompson*) (R), retiring
  • Van Lawrence (D)
  • Will Stapp (R)
  • Timothy Givens (R)

House 33-Q—Fairbanks: North Pole/Badger Road

  • Mike Prax* (R)

House 34-Q—Fairbanks: Farmers Loop/Two Rivers/Salcha

  • Grier Hopkins* (D)
  • Nate Demars (R)
  • Frank Tomaszewski (R)

House 35-R—Fairbanks: Chena Ridge/Ester/University

  • (Adam Wool*) (D), running for U.S. House
  • Ashley Carrick (D)
  • Kevin McKinley (R)
  • Ruben McNeill Jr. (R)
  • Tim Parker (NP)
  • Kieran Brown (AKCON)

House 36-R—Interior: Doyon/Nenana/Delta Junction/Tok

  • Angie Fitch Fowler (D)
  • Mike Cronk* (R)

Rural Alaska

* = incumbent, ( *) = incumbent who’s not running again

Senate S—Bethel/Dillingham

  • Lyman Hoffman* (D)
  • Willy Keppel (Veterans Party)

House 37-S—Bristol Bay/Dillingham/Aleutians/Unalaska

  • Bryce Edgmon* (U)

House 38-S—Bethel/Lower Kuskokwim

  • (Tiffany Zulkosky*) (D), retiring
  • CJ McCormick (D)

House 39-T—Nome/Bering Straits/Yukon Delta

  • Neal Foster* (D)
  • Tyler Ivanoff (AKIND)

House 40-T—Arctic/Utqiaġvik/Kotzebue

  • Josiah Patkotak* (N)

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