Democrat Roselynn Cacy files recount in race for Anchorage Senate seat

Anchorage Democratic candidate Roselynn Cacy, who finished in a close third place for Anchorage’s Senate District E, filed a recount request with the Division of Elections today.

Today’s the deadline for candidates to request recounts with the Division of Elections, which will cover the cost of recounts in races where the final margin of victory was smaller than .5% or in cases where the second- and third-place candidates were separated by fewer than 20 votes or .5%.

That was the case for Cacy, who finished 14 votes behind Republican Sen. Roger Holland in the three-way race and was eliminated in the first round of the ranked-choice voting tabulation. Cacy’s elimination saw enough votes go to former Republican Senate President Cathy Giessel—who led the race heading into the tabulation—for her to achieve an outright majority to win the race.

“The basis of this application is the extremely close margin of votes between myself and both of my opponents. Only fourteen votes separated myself and my opponent, Mr. Holland, in Round 1,” Cacy wrote in her request. “Given the fourteen vote margin, I am specifically requesting that the following ballots be counted by hand during this recount: the 731 no-votes, the 4 overvotes and the 58 first choice write-ins.”

Cacy is being represented by Holmes, Weddle & Barcott attorney Richard Moses, who represented the pro-Dunleavy “A Stronger Alaska” independent expenditure group in a series of complaints filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission ahead of election day.

According to Moses, the request has already been approved by the state and the recount date has been set for 10 a.m. Wednesday.

The other high-profile race where a recount could come into place is the race for South Anchorage’s House District 15. Incumbent Republican Rep. Tom McKay went into the RCV tabulation trailing Democratic challenger Denny Wells, but the tabulation—which saw the third-place Republican candidate eliminated—put McKay ahead by seven votes.

Other recounts could be possible, but candidates would need to shoulder the cost in those cases.

The application

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