The Midnight Sun is joining The Alaska Current

After more than seven and a half years covering Alaska politics, The Midnight Sun political blog is joining the Alaska Current.

Starting Feb. 1, The Midnight Sun officially becomes a part of the Alaska Current, a growing journalistic collective. The Midnight Sun will continue its coverage similar to how it has for years, working as a sub-brand of the Current. Longtime editor Matt Acuña Buxton will also contribute regular coverage, analysis and commentary of the Alaska Legislature and statewide politics.

Buxton will continue publishing his political newsletter, now called The Alaska Memo, and will maintain editorial control over his work.

The move marks the end of Jim Lottsfeldt’s involvement as The Midnight Sun’s publisher since its founding.

“I’m grateful for Jim’s support of The Midnight Sun, allowing me wide latitude to cover Alaska politics in my style and my voice,” Buxton said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to be writing in a collaborative environment with The Alaska Current and its writers.”

The longtime publisher said he’s happy to move the blog to the Current, a new and growing endeavor.

“The Midnight Sun built a reputation of honesty and integrity over years of publishing,” Lottsfeldt said. “I’m glad it’s going to a place where it can continue to build an audience and Matt can collaborate with other journalists.”

Buxton’s continued coverage of the Alaska Legislature and state government will be sponsored by the 907 Initiative, a nonprofit watchdog organization dedicated to transparency in government.

“For years, Matt and The Midnight Sun have been a critical voice in Alaska politics and policy,” said Aubrey Wieber, executive director of the 907 Initiative. “We are proud to help preserve Matt’s independent coverage.”

Much of The Midnight Sun’s archives will move over to The Alaska Current in the coming weeks. 

Buxton began covering Alaska politics in 2011 as the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner’s local and statewide politics reporter. He’s covered the Legislature for over a decade both in-person and from a safe distance. He joined The Midnight Sun in 2017, covering politics with the added freedom of the blogging world.

The Alaska Current is a growing collective of bloggers and journalists covering a wide range of topics from local politics to lifestyle. The platform hopes to expand its network of established and budding content creators.

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