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Hansen: It’s time to pass the Equality Act and guarantee fundamental protections for all

It’s time for a federal solution. The Equality Act would start to address these issues by guaranteeing basic, fundamental protections for all people in employment, housing and public accommodations regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It would ensure transgender and nonbinary people are guaranteed the opportunity to work and provide for their families, secure a home for their loved ones, and access life-saving medical care – free from harassment, violence, and discrimination.

Walker Drygas: Where We Stand

“While Bill is personally pro-life and Heidi is pro-choice, we will honor our oath of office and uphold and defend every constitutional right. That includes taking necessary executive action or vetoing unconstitutional legislation that infringes upon any of our fundamental rights.”

LWVA: Anchorage should not call a special mayoral election

Including the upcoming November state/federal election, plus a special mayoral election and most likely a runoff and then a regular city-wide election and possible mayoral runoff Anchorage voters could end up with five separate elections in less than six months. We ask our city leaders to consider these factors now, and make voters the priority in this situation by saying “no” to requiring a special election.