Articles by Jim Lottsfeldt

Radio Campaign Targets Legislators

With only a week or so left  to override Governor Dunleavy’s budget vetoes, an effort to pressure the fence sitting legislators has begun.  Save our State is on the airwaves with a series of targeted radio ads that calls out legislators who may not vote for overrides because they are closely aligned with Dunleavy, or are nursing grudges from the regular session

Groh-mentum! Yes, it’s a thing.

This race pitted three solid Democrats seeking the nomination; a nomination that essentially ensures them victory in November.  Elias Rojas, Zack Fields and Cliff Groh are all good candidates running solid campaigns.  Zack Fields was quickest out of the blocks, and I expected him to run away with the election. I also expected Cliff Groh to never quite get it in gear.  Cliff is a likable guy, but he prefers policy discussions over small talk like the professor you like in class, but avoid at lunchtime.