Bronson administration turns 1, gets the gift of accountability

Beyond the battle over twisted budget numbers and property taxes, Bronson’s core assertion here is that the Anchorage city government is bloated and has room for continued cuts. It’s a classic line from conservatives promising easy fixes for difficult problems, but it becomes particularly strained when you, well, look around the city and wonder if this is really what an apparently bloated city budget gets us.

Fields: Our city’s greatest challenge

” We have to be as firm in dealing with those criminals as we are compassionate in dealing with the epidemic’s victims, recognizing the complexity in which criminal and victim may know one another, occupy the same shelter, or have a dealer and client relationship.”

Restoring Honor: ‘Lawmakers should not be lawbreakers.’

If a lawmaker in a democratic government is willing to subvert and destroy the democratic traditions upon which our society is built, and gives tacit support to domestic terrorist groups, is he or she fit to serve? The members of Restoring Honor, a non-partisan, unaffiliated group of over 1,000 West Point Alumni say, “No.”