State Politics

Over $17 Million Spent On State Lobbyists This Year

Just before the legislative session began I did a breakdown of which lobbyists would be lobbying for which interests. Some lobbyists, however, don’t report many of their clients until the session gets underway and many acquire clients as the session progresses. So now that the Legislature is going well into overtime, the lobbying picture is much clearer.

Alaska Republicans Edge Democrats In Caucus Membership Spike

Last month both the Alaska Republican Party and Alaska Democratic Party held their presidential caucuses. Both Republicans and Democrats require caucus participants to be registered members of their party. That means large groups of voters who are registered as “undeclared” or “non-partisan” but want to vote for their favorite candidate such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Bernie Sanders must register with that candidate’s party to vote for them.

Republican Party Attacks On Colver Spread

The belief among local Republican Party officials is that Rep. Jim Colver (R-Palmer) is working to form a bipartisan majority coalition in the state house, that his voting in opposition to the House’s Republican leadership too often appears to be growing. Now multiple local party officials are searching for pressure that the party establishment can exert to bring Colver “back in line.”