State Politics

Walker Appoints 2nd Woman To Anchorage Superior Court

As we reported earlier this month, the 17 seat Anchorage Superior Court had become almost entirely male, with 16 men and only 1 woman. That disparity provided good reason to believe Governor Bill Walker would lean towards appointing one of the two female nominees put forward by the Alaska Judicial Council for the seat being vacated by the retiring Judge Michael Spaan.

Democrats Wrong To Call Out Hawker On LIO Deal

The facts show Hawker made a rightfully troubling and politically tone deaf deal, but singling him out is both unfair and misses the true context of the situation. For Alaska Democrats to themselves call him out is downright hypocritical and gross.

Bieling Calls For Hawker’s Resignation

Rep. Mike Hawker’s primary opponent Ross Bieling has called for his resignation. The call comes in response to emails being made public showing collaberation between Hawker and developer Mark Pfeffer to close a $44 million deal to renovate the Anchorage Legislative Information Office.