What I Know…I Think: Election Day Predictions

To the average citizen this is a day to perform that most hallowed of democratic traditions, the trek to the polling place. For many campaign veterans and activists this is a day to throw on a few extra layers, round up volunteers, and hit the street corners to wave signs for your favorite candidate and then hit the bar for a few drinks as results roll in..

For us at The Midnight Sun this is a day to dig into the numbers, dust off the Ouija Board, and make a few predictions on the results that we’re sure to get terribly wrong.

Bernie Beat Trump In Alaska And Other Things You Weren’t Told

On Saturday the Democrat faithful turned out in big numbers across the state to participate in their party’s caucus. Media reports of the event, including this one from Devin Kelly of the Alaska Dispatch News, do an excellent job of telling you who won and what the atmosphere was like. What they don’t tell you are all the politically relevant details of what happened as the day unfolded.

That is where The Midnight Sun steps in. Here are 10 things that happened at the caucuses you probably haven’t read about.

Alaska GOP Voter Turnout Effort Excludes Demboski and Nees

This weekend a robocall saying it was paid for by the Alaska Republican Party encouraged voters who had requested an absentee ballot application for the April 5th municipal election to vote for a host of candidates depending on where they lived. Among those who the Party did not include in their list of endorsed candidates were registered Republican candidates Assemblywoman Amy Demboski and school board candidate David Nees

Polling Released On Alaska Politicians

Recently, longtime Alaska pollster Ivan Moore of Alaska Survey Research released five years of polling numbers on U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Congressman Don Young, former Governor Sean Parnell, and Governor Bill Walker.