10 Takeaways from Rasmuson’s State Budget Polling

In a “lunch and learn” session sponsored by the House Finance Committee Rasmuson Board Chairman Jeff Cook and President and CEO DIanne Kaplan walked state legislators through polling they had conducted with the help of polling firm Strategies 360 between January 3-10 on state budget issues.

Here is our quick breakdown of the 10 takeaways from that pressentation.

S & P Downgrade Roundup

Standard and Poor’s has dropped Alaska’s credit rating from AAA to AA+.

Here is roundup of the statements about the downgrade from elected officials, business groups, and other pertinent entities.

Governor Walker To Play Better With Legislature

As the start of the next legislative session nears Jan. 19, the governor said he has made plans this year to meet with the leaders of the House and Senate Finance and Resources committees every two weeks, “because just about everything goes through Resources or Finance,” as a way to improve communication between executive and legislative branches, he said.

Alaska Journal Of Commerce Argues Legislature Should Stay In LIO

In the cold, calculating, bean counter rationale you’d expect from a business trade journal like the Alaska Journal of Commerce, they’re stepping up to say “Not so fast.” In a pair of postings yesterday AJOC warns a decision by the Legislature to pull out of the lease early would have serious repercussions.