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Murkowski Polling Data Shows Clinton Down Only 3 Points In Alaska

Murkowski’s race isn’t the interesting part of the data. That distinction goes to the presidential race in Alaska. Those numbers show that Democrat Hillary Clinton has closed to within 3% points of Republican Donald Trump in the Last Frontier. That is inside the poll’s 4% margin of error.

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Could Republicans Voting For Johnson Cost Trump Alaska?

If Silver is correct and Johnson does that well in Alaska, does that mean Alaska’s votes in the Electoral College — in recent memory have been as safe a bet for the Republican Party as any in the nation — could be in danger of going to Hillary Clinton?

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#Kimmetcalfe Update

he kerfuffle we posted about yesterday between Alaskan Bernie Sanders supporter Levi Younger and Alaska Democratic Party superdelegate Kim Metcalfe over her support for Hillary Clinton has taken to twitter.