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The Midnight Sun Podcast (October 15)

The Midnight Sun’s Casey Reynolds is joined by Alaska political consultants Taylor Bickford and Cale Green to discuss what is unique about the political environment in Alaska this election cycle, if Hillary Clinton really can win Alaska’s electoral votes, if Joe Miller or anyone else can beat Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and what Steve Lindbeck’s chances are against Rep. Don Young.

Amy Demboski In Jeopardy Of Expulsion From Alaska GOP

This afternoon on her daily radio show on 1020 FM KVNT Anchorage Assemblywoman Amy Demboski said Alaska Republican Party Vice-Chairman Rick Whitbeck called her last night and threatened her over her voicing support for Alaska Libertarian Party senatorial candidate Joe Miller over the Alaska Republican Party’s candidate Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Lisa Murkowski Now Faces Joe Miller….Again

According to a posting on Alaska Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate Cean Steven’s personal Facebook page this afternoon, she is dropping out of the race and 2010 Alaska Republican Party nominee for the same office Joe Miller is stepping in.