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Ballot Count Update

With several state legislative races still too close to definitively call a winner and vote totals that haven’t moved since election night, plenty of candidates and voters alike want to know when we will know more.

State Candidates Last Major Financial Reports Are In. And They Have Things To Tell Us

Candidates for state office had until midnight last night to file their last major financial disclosure (7 Day Reports) with the Alaska Public Offices Commission before the election on Tuesday. These reports detail all donations made to campaigns during a three-week span between the end of the 30 Day Report period on October 8 and the 7 Day Report period ending on October 29.

The Midnight Sun Podcast (October 29) – Part 2

The Midnight Sun’s Casey Reynolds is joined by Taylor Bickford of Strategies 360 and Matt Larkin of Dittman Research. In part 2, we got through the legislative races one at a time to see where we think they stand with 10 days to go.